It’s just sickening how women defend male abusers against men sticking up for abused women in Domestic Violence cases.

The psychology behind this is that these women have one of the following: Stockholm Syndrome, have manipulated the system and now have a sense of remorse, they still have a third world mentality that a woman should be sub-servant to men, or/and could not believe that a man can manipulate them by being one way behind closed doors and another way in the general public.

“Mary Perry a Family Court Lawyer and former candidate for Clark County District Court Judge for the Family Division indicated in a Facebook post; that all women are liars when it comes to Domestic Violence and then she had the nerve to post that she is a Victim of DV.

Is she a liar too?

Now, she represents Ralph Krauss a CCSD Teacher without a classroom and former candidate for Clark County School Board Trustee whom was arrested and jailed recently without bail for 3 days for strangling his ex-wife until she lost consciousness.

We as citizens need to know the character of people that have asked or thinking about asking us to vote for them.

Domestic violence is a problem anyone that believes it doesn’t exist has a mental disorder!”

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