Judicial Meet and Greet Assembly

And Shadow-A-Judge Program

Veterans In Politics International, Inc. presents an incredibly unique opportunity to meet your Clark County District Court Judges. Every judge is up for election in 2014, and now is your chance to meet them in person, and hear a short campaign presentation. In addition, the Shadow-A-Judge Program will coincide with this event.  Students whom have been appraising the judges will also give their presentations.

The event will take place:
August 17, 9AM – 1PM
Canyon Springs High School
350 E Alexander Road North Las Vegas, NV 89032
This event is open to the public.  Do not miss this incredible opportunity!
Big thanks to Clark County School District, Veterans In Politics, International, Inc., and Canyon Springs High School and Law and Preparatory Academy.
Meet and Greet Assembly
Meet and Greet Assembly
Meet The Judges
Meet The Judges
Contact Veterans In Politics, International, Inc. for more information.
Steve Sanson, VIPI President
702 283 8088
Karen Steelmon, Aux. Director
702 238 5134
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Don’t miss the next meet and greet event!
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