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Veterans In Politics International President responds to the Use of Force Board decision regarding the shooting of unarmed Army Gulf War Veteran Stanley Gibson

Las Vegas Nevada June 1, 2013; When I interviewed with the media in regards to Gulf War Veteran Stanley Gibson and the termination of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) Officer Jesus Arevalo; I was asked “what would satisfy the community”. Well first the community needs to know what is happening within the LVMPD so they have a clear understanding of what really goes on behind closed doors.

It is a positive outcome in that Officer Arevalo’s termination would prevent him from destroying another family. However Arevalo is not facing criminal proceedings for Gibson’s death. Arevalo is undergoing an Internal Investigation by the LVMPD for assault and verbal treat to do bodily harm against Steve Delao that will be forward to the District Attorney’s office for prosecution.

One bad Police Officer could destroy an entire department and the LVMPD has several. We need to know the state of mind of a police officer prior to him pressing the trigger. In the case of Jesus Arevalo: Officer Arevalo was going through a child custody battle and a divorce, he had a major problem with Black Americans, the word ‘nigger’ was constantly used in his vocabulary, he had several internal write-ups in his LVMPD personal records one of those write-ups is because of a racial situation he had with a Lesbian woman. If these incidents have been addressed and Arevalo was given proper consequences for his behaviors, like maybe taking him off the streets for one, then Gibson would be alive today.

This is the type of LVMPD Officers the Police Protective Association (PPA) President Chris Collins and former District Attorney David Roger protects! Collins made a statement yesterday to the media while he was being interviewed on the Golf Course at tax payers’ expense. Collins has no accountability he and seven other LVMPD Officers gets paid as police officers yet do no police work, they work only for the union that appears to cover up bad cops actions. We are paying these cops from public money to work for a private entity, this type of behavior is ruled unconstitutional in other states and Nevada needs to catch up!

We need to ask ourselves “how many Jesus Arevalo is on the LVMPD?” Some of us in the community are finally taking a stand against corruption, bad training, bad leadership, and terrible moral within our Police Department.

The only way to rid ourselves of bad policing is to remove the head of the organization. Until we elect a new Sheriff of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department; nothing will change.

We will do whatever it takes to make people from this community know that the only reason why people in the community support Doug Gillespie is “greed and power” so they can control him to do their bidden.

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