We address the future of politics as warriors and juggernauts, poised as the political ‘sword of Damocles’ in the body politic, acting in a combative rather than reactive capacity.


Through a stringent evaluation process, Veterans In Politics, International, Inc. openly interviews, selects, then endorses political candidates.


Chosen candidates are publicly presented the VIPI endorsement, then promoted by VIPI membership.


These procedures are conducted to ensure that only people of the highest quality of character occupies our elected seats, and to obtain the VIP mission statement.


We continue to fight for the freedom our country, to uphold our vow to protect and defend our Country and our United States Constitution,  beyond our military service.






Veterans in Politics International Organizational Values:

E Pluribus Unum

In God we Trust




Members and Officers Values: Discipline- Behave in accord with the rules of conduct you set out for yourself. Commitment-Follow through on the pledge you have set forth to keep. Loyalty-Bear true faith and allegiance. Duty- Fulfill obligations; professional, legal and moral.  Carry out mission requirements and meet professional standards. Respect-Treat people as they should be treated. Honor-Don’t lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those actions by others. Integrity-Be honest in word and deed.  Place being right in front of being popular. Courage- Physical and moral bravery.  Accept responsibility for mistakes and shortcomings. Nick Starling 808.321.4606


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