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LVMPD Miserably Fails to Help a Female Disabled Combat Veteran and a Pre-Cancer Victim

Las Vegas, Nevada (JULY 13, 2013) — Police Officer Richard Klein (P#3933) and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) are being sued in Clark County District Court (Case No. A-13-684700-C) by Theresa Price, a female disabled combat veteran and a pre-cancer survivor. Price is suing for negligence stemming from an arrest made last year in March.

According to the complaint on July 26, 2011 she was issued a traffic citation and on September 19, 2011 attended a mandatory hearing in the Las Vegas Municipal Court (MC). Unbeknownst to her a bench warrant was issued for her arrest due to failure to answer for the same charges in the Las Vegas Justice Court (JC) as required in a second citation that Officer Klein intentionally neglected to inform Price he also issued. As luck would have it both hearings were scheduled on September 19, 2011 at the same time.

Price was arrested on March 22, 2012 and detained at the Clark County Detention Center (CCDC) and also the Las Vegas Detention Center (LVDC). While in custody she suffered anxiety attacks and severe pain stemming from arthritis and a cancer treatment. Although the correctional officers and jail supervisors were made aware of this they made no efforts to help relieve the excruciating pain and refused to provide medical treatment to Price.

On March 23, 2012, Price was released from police custody after being detained for over 25 hours and after posting $2,075 bail. Also she had to pay $256 to retrieve her car from a tow company and $78 to obtain a new Driver License because her previous one was suspended due to the failure to appear at the JC hearing. Eventually all charges on the JC Citation (including erroneous additional charges added during her arrest) and on the MC Citation were dismissed.

Price is a highly decorated veteran and served over 20 years in the military. Credentials such as these helped her obtain TS/SCI security clearance and prepared her for a specialized type of employment. Due to the arrest of March 22, 2012 being on her record Price has lost her clearance and is unable to obtain employment in her field of expertise. Although all charges against her were dismissed in both cases, all parties including LVMPD, MC and JC refuse to expunge her records which would allow her to gain back employment.

The injustice and discrimination that Theresa Price, a highly decorated disabled combat veteran suffers is a familiar experience shared by female veterans across America. Although women make up about 20% of todays military, women like Theresa Price continue to suffer injustices as active soldiers and as civilians. Last January the US military lifted its ban on women in combat.


1. Do you think that women exaggerate about injustices and discrimination that they allegedly face in the military?

2. Do you think that women should be allowed or not be allowed to serve in combat?

3. Do you think that cops like Officer Richard Klein should be charged with a “hate crime” for committing acts like this against women?

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