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No more anointed LVMPD Sheriff says Veterans In Politics International!

Las Vegas, NV. September 1, 2013 — Since the death of Army Gulf War Veteran Stanley Gibson on December 12, 2011, Veterans in Politics International has publicly and privately asked for the resignation of Sheriff Douglas Gillespie.

A number of unfortunate incidents have stung Sheriff Douglas Gillespie since his tenure with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD), such as – the More Cops Bill taking a terrible turn and possibly being eliminated; mass resignations of the Use of Force Board; discontinuation of an audit on search and rescue that may have cost the life of LVMPD Officer David Vanbuskirk; private helicopter rides to musicians; unarmed civilians being shot; and immeasurable amounts of tax payer’s money that has gone towards, and continues to be expended, on rent for the new Police Headquarters.

Gillespie announced five months ago that he would run for re-election; however, when asked by a local television reporter to comment, President of Veterans in Politics International declared Gillespie’s days are numbered.

Without a doubt, Metro has experienced unnecessary calamity since Gillespie reined full leadership in 2007. Nevertheless, “the powers that be” told Gillespie to pull out of the race for Sheriff so they could tip the scales and subsequently put in their own replacement at the helm, former Sheriff Bill Young.

In 2007, Young left Metro to work for Station Casinos as the head of their security, making over a half million dollars per year. Young left Metro for more money, less responsibility, and anointed Gillespie.

With a population of over two million citizens, it is up to the voters to decide on whom the new Sheriff should be, not the casino owners or the good-old-boy network. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department deserves a new leader – one who inherently understands the nuances of its citizens and believes in the community.

Gillespie is an embarrassment to the force. Morale within the ranks is at an all-time low.
Citizens are the ones who suffer if mistakes are made by Metro’s leadership.

Gillespie is cashing in his chips and favors around town. With a frantic attempt to run Young for Sheriff, Gillespie is fully aware he has no chance of winning against another police officer with morals and credibility. One who cannot be controlled by the good-old-boy network, or the Las Vegas Police Protective Association (LVPPA).

They need someone with name recognition that has the ability to raise campaign donations and have a positive influence over the Legislature, City Council members, and County Commissioners.

The plan is that Young will run for Sheriff and in four years anoint his Under Sheriff, possibly Assistant Sheriff Joseph Lombardo. This will insure the officer of Sheriff is controlled by “the powers that be.”

Registered Republicans (conservatives) have been controlling the office of Sheriff for 35 years; however, the way Sheriff Gillespie has been spending tax payer’s money, and attempting to once again tax struggling Clark County residents, it is not clear which political party he belongs to.

If Sheriff Gillespie had been appointed in his current position from day one, he would have been terminated from his employment years ago.
As Clark County residents, WE the voters need to start taking back our elected offices from those like Gillespie who have the intentions of keeping corruption in place and doing band aide effects of change to a system that needs complete overhaul, to say the least. The people of this community need to elect those who are credible starting with the LVMPD Sheriff!

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