LVMPD Officer Jesus Arevalo shot and killed Stanley Gibson Army Gulf War Veteran as he sat in his car alone, unarmed, and trapped by several Police cruisers. The Clark County District Attorney sent Arevalo to the Grand Jury, the first LVMPD Officer in the history of Metro. Arevalo was also recommended for termination by Metro’s own Use of Force Board. Arevalo own wife claimed in a taped interview that Arevalo stated to her that he wanted to shot someone to place on Paid Administrative Leave. The Sheriff is trying to stuff a $1.5 million dollar settlement down Gibson’s widow’s throat. Arevalo has been on Paid Administrative Leave for almost 2 years at a tone of $180,000 from tax payers. But yet the Sheriff has failed to terminated Arevalo; he has no BALLS to do it!

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