BULLYING may cost NORTH LAS VEGAS taxpayers over $300,000

NORTH LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (November 20, 2013) — Several reports and lawsuits alleging discrimination against minorities including women, African Americans and Hispanics by the North Las Vegas Police Department under Chief Chronister’s command are surfacing throughout Police ranks, in the media and being published in public records. One officer is unafraid and has publicly spoken about his pending lawsuit against NLVPD and his recent victory announced by Internal Affairs. Lieutenant Wilson Crespo, a U.S. Air Force veteran argues that he was discriminated against by his employer, the City of North Las Vegas Police Department for his race and retaliation on several occasions over a two-year period. Crespo has filed a grievance plus a charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The Law Office of Richard Segerblom, Ltd. is representing Crespo in these matters. Fellow officer Sergeant Leonard Cardinale has come forward as a witness to the alleged discriminatory incidents.

Crespo filed a complaint with Human Resources for Harassment and coincidentally former Police Chief T. Scott filed an internal formal complaint against Crespo who was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome. Two weeks ago, on November 5, 2013, Internal Affairs sided with Crespo in its Memorandum stating, “The internal investigation in this matter has been concluded. It has been determined that the violation of NLVPD Policy 3.05.01 – Employee Conduct was NOT SUSTAINED.”

Crespo states that he was never given the opportunity to apply for nor accept various assignments with incentive pay from 2011 until present and believes that he is more qualified based on achieving higher test scores and experience.


1. Lt. assigned to Internal Affairs – awarded to Timothy Meamber
2. SWAT Commander – awarded to Anthony DiMauro
3. Narcotics assignment – awarded to Sam Ojeda
4. Director of Legislative Affairs – awarded to Timothy Bedwell
5. Detective Bureau – awarded to Alex Perez
6. SWAT – awarded to Dennis Nowakowski, James Brown
7. FBI national academy (command school) – awarded to Justin Roberts and Pamela Ojeda
In the event that Crespo is awarded an assignment that he was overlooked for he may be receive approximately as much as $300,000 or more in back-pay. Crespo has made public statements about the harassment suffered at the hands of NLVPD on 8 News Now with Nathan Baca. Veterans In Politics International will continue to report on this developing story.

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