NLV Police Chief Joseph Chronister is accused by officers of being corrupt, racist and a liability

NORTH LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (November 3, 2013) — In a Las Vegas Review Journal article that was published on January 19, 2011, Former North Las Vegas Mayor Shari Buck praised the appointment of Joseph Chronister as North Las Vegas’ new Police Chief, saying he “always tells the truth, always tells it like it is.”

To the contrary according to a Grievant’s Post-Arbitration Brief filed on October 15, 2013 by the North Las Vegas Police Supervisors Association (Union) against the City of North Las Vegas before Arbitrator John P. McCrory (FMCS Case No. 13-52218-A). The Brief’s factual background states that Police Chief Chronister delayed promotions beyond the expiration of the current list which is a breach of The Civil Service Rule in Article 17, Section 1(B) and promoted an unqualified Caucasian Police Officer over a Hispanic Police Officer, although Nevada law requires a promotion of the better qualified Police Officer. During a North Las Vegas City Council meeting on October 5, 2011 Police Chief Chronister was asked why the promotions were necessary, and he stated that “there were four Lieutenant vacant positions, that there were no lieutenants working the graveyard shift and no mid-level managers on duty which placed the responsibilities on patrol sergeants.” Based on his statement the City Council voted to approve the authorization of four lieutenant promotions. Sergeant Jose Perez took the Lieutenant Promotion exam in April, 2010. On May 13, 2010, Perez was ranked third on the eligibility list certified by Tammy L. Bonner, HR Analyst from the Human Resources Department. Police Chief Chronister promoted Sergeant` Tim Meamber who was working in Internal Affairs to Lieutenant assigned to Internal Affairs and also Sergeant James Brown to Lieutenant and assigned him to the NWAC, Patrol Division. Both Police Officers are Caucasian males just like Police Chief Chronister. Qualified candidate Sergeant Jose Perez who is Hispanic was not promoted and Police Chief Chronister’s decision left two vacancies unfilled as of November, 2011, even though he told City Council under oath that he needed four lieutenant promotions. Sergeant Terry McAllister was involved with the negotiating process of Article 17, Section 1B while he was the POA President. It is Sergeant McAllister’s knowledge that the intent of the language is to mandate that if there are promotional vacancies, they must be filled and even if there are legitimate funding issues or concerns. Also that a lack of funding does not authorize the City to disregard a contractual obligation that was agreed upon and signed by both the Union and the City of North Las Vegas.

Leonard Cardinale, a North Las Vegas police sergeant, filed a lawsuit against Police Chief Chronister and others citing that retaliatory actions was taken against him after he made a public statement accusing the City of North Las Vegas of union busting. Police Chief Chronister reassigned Cardinale to a swing-shift patrol position which denied Cardinale adequate time to perform association business and as a result he was required to use his annual leave. Also, Cardinale no longer received his specialty pay that he had received since before 2011. In addition Cardinale has been over-tasked, a common tactic that has been used by the Command Staff to over-task employees so they “get the message” that a particular command staff person is not happy with your complaint. According to Cardinale, “The retaliation, discrimination, harassment, the hostile work environment practices are subtle and indirect according to Cardinale. This fact is well documented in other complaints of the same nature. The oppressive behavior is conducted through subordinates so there is no direct correlation, unless it is seen through the eyes of the third party, then it is readily apparent.” Cardinale seeks reinstatement to his day-shift non-patrol position with specialty pay, as well as court costs and punitive damages.

Police Chief Chronister is personally responsible for approximately 15% of North Las Vegas’ debt by wrongfully terminating several minority Police Officers and paying over $5,000,000.00 in settlements, attorney fees and salaries. Some Police Officers who were wrongfully terminated and accepted settlements and/or re-employment with the NLVPD include Eric Spannbauer, Mark Boykin, Lazaro Ruiz, Ricardo “Rick” Bonvicin, Darlene Rosenberg and Tom Glazier. Coincidentally Police Chief Chronister created this massive debt under the supervision of Former North Las Vegas Mayor Shari Buck.

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