Nevada’s Attorney General and the Commission on Judicial Discipline received complaints against Justice of the Peace Ann E. Zimmerman and Robert “Bobby G” Gronauer

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (January 2, 2014) — Recently Veterans In Politics distributed a press release that exposed alleged illegal kick-backs between Justice of the Peace Ann E. Zimmerman and Robert “Bobby G” Gronauer that happened in 2009. Currently Bobby G is seeking election as the Clark County Sheriff in 2014. Another alleged incident involving a past office romance affair with a female employee who was married to another man while Bobby G was married to another woman, ended in divorce and a love-child was conceived is now threatening the success of Bobby G’s election campaign. According to sources several groups and individuals are questioning Bobby G’s integrity and professional abilities.

Copies of the press release distributed by Veterans In Politics were mailed to Bobby G and a local news reporter contacted him to get his reaction to the allegations of illegal kick-backs and a divorced-mother’s confirmation of a love-child conceived that Bobby G now supports financially as mandated by a sealed court order. Bobby G refused to return phone calls and reply to letters that were mailed to his residence and office, however Joseph W. Houston II, Esq. whom represents Bobby G., did respond by unsuccessfully attempting to persuade Veterans In Politics to cease distributing unfavorable press releases about Bobby G.

Veterans In Politics is patiently waiting for a promised response from both agencies as mandated in the Nevada Revised Statutes. Stay tuned for an update.

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The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police (LVMPD) Sheriff’s position is going to be one of the most anticipated and controversial races in Clark County’s 2014 election. Since December of 2011, Veterans In Politics publicly asked for the resignation of embattled Sheriff Doug Gillespie and have successfully delayed Clark County Commission approval of Gillespie’s proposed More Cops Bill.
Citizens deserve more than a name in the Sheriff’s office; citizens deserve a leader.

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Author: Endeavor Media Group
Distributor: Veterans In Politics International, Inc.

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