A Rant on the Bundy Ranch & Elected Officials:

It’s just amazing to see all the elected officials and people rallying to the aid of Rancher Calvin Bundy over money and grazing rights. There is nothing wrong with that; I have always said that the State should own land and not the Federal government.

But what is a travesty is that how everyone rallies against this injustice and no one rallied when two unarmed men were shot to death by an LVMPD Officer.

Trevon Cole unarmed on his knees over a toilet in a boxer shorts and t-shirt 22 years old shot ones in the head by a police officer who falsified a search warrant just to do a COP Show for Langley Productions.

Stanley Gibson unarmed shot five times while sitting in his car. Gibson an Army Gulf War Decorated Veteran who was disabled suffering from PTSD and his face was disfigured from chemicals used during the war while serving his country.

People hold property to a higher standard than human life and elected officials rush to saving a Ranchers right to graze cattle on Federal Land than the life of innocent people, because of the stupidity of murderous police officers “We the People” paid 3.7 million dollars in settlements and hundreds of thousands of dollars in police investigations and attorney fees.

I am disgusted of the fact that not one elected official has the guts to go public to defend unarmed civilians that carelessly died at the hands of a police officer who took an Oath to “Serve and Protect”. When did we forget our branches of government? When police officers should became Judge, Jury, and Executioner?

These elected officials only take on a cause that will serve them, that will get their name in the public eye. These elected won’t take on causes that might be less popular, because of fare of losing votes in the next election. These elected officials are what I call self-serving, but will put a “spin” on it to brain wash you to think otherwise.

I take on causes not because they are popular, but because it’s the right thing to do. If you want to stop the self-serving educate yourself on the candidates and vote!

Steve Sanson
President Veterans In Politics International

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