Attention: Candidates

On behalf of Veterans In Politics International we would like to thank each of you for participating in our endorsement process.

There will be a Press Release next week that will have our endorsed candidates, the candidates that were in attendance, our sponsors, panel members, moderators, and the video of each interview. In the meantime you can obtain this list from our web site at

All videos will be on all the social media sights within one week…

For those candidates that have not attended our radio programs Eye On Nevada Politics every Tuesday at 8pm or Veterans In Politics Talk Show every Saturday at 2pm. We would welcome all of you if you are endorsed or not… We believe that voters need to be informed about all the candidates in order to make the best decision possible. We always echoed the fact that voters need to educate themselves on all the candidates if they agree with our endorsements are not.

The candidates that are endorsed please let us know via email when your next function will be, so we can present you with the endorsement.

Endorsed candidates you can use our logo or/and name on any campaign materials or/and web sites.

All Panel Members signed a Confidentiality Agreement/ Non Disclosure they are prohibited from discussing any conversations that has taking place in the voting room.

Please call me at 702 283 8088; if you would like to be on anyone of our radio programs…

Some races we decided as a group not to endorse your seat. This could be for many reasons, either we could not decide on one person, there was a motion on the floor not to endorse, or no one in that race attended our process. If we as groups have not endorsed your seat (No Endorsement) please continue to invite us to your functions, we are all individual voters and our membership could still attend your events.

If any candidates would like to place a commercial on any of our radio programs please contact me.

Below is our official endorsement for Political Candidates that were interviewed on March 30th…

Thank you
Steve Sanson
702 283 8088

SUNDAY – MARCH 30, 2014

Clark County Commissioner, District E
1. Chris Giunchigliani Commissioner (incumbent)
Clark County Commissioner, District F
5. Jason G. Smith
Clark County Commissioner, District G
1. Cindy Lake
Clark County District Attorney
1. Steve Wolfson District Attorney (Incumbent)
Clark County Assessor
1. Michele W. Shafe Assessor (Incumbent)
Clark County Clerk
1. Lynn Goya
Clark County Recorder
2. Don Hotchkiss
Clark County Treasurer
•No endorsement
Clark County Public Administrator
1. John J. Cahill Public Administrator (incumbent)

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