“UNARMED” Army Gulf War Veteran Stanley Gibson while sitting in his car was murdered by the hands of one former Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) Officer who is now collecting disability for the rest of his life for PTSD paid for by you the tax payers. When you go to the poles ask yourself this question “what you would like in a Sheriff”. If you are satisfied with the “status quo”, then you should vote for the Sheriffs hand pick successor and that’s Joe Lombardo. If you are satisfied with the way the Police Protective Association (PPA) protects their law breaking police officer then you should vote for their handpicked successor and that’s Larry Burns. Remember both the PPA and the Sheriff has kept a murderer on the Police Force and his name is Bryant Yant he killed “UNARMED” Trevon Cole while he was on his knees in a t-shirt and boxer shorts, falsified a search warrant to help make the reality show COPS and Sheriff Dough Gillespie collected $20,000 as a campaign donation from John Langley and Langley Productions. Some of you don’t want to do anything until it comes knocking on your door… Believe me when I tell you this, when it comes knocking on your door, “It’s too late”. Let your voices be heard at the voting booth this primary election.

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