Foreclosed homeowners may be entitled to over $1 billion dollars from NV, HOAs and collection companies

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (May 2, 2014) — Less than three months ago Gina C. Session from the NV Attorney General ruled that the States Common Interest Community Commission, often referred to as NV’s Home Owner’s Association Board (NV HOA Board) that was formed by NV Gov. Brian Sandoval, does not and has never had the legal authority to issue Advisory Opinions. Unbeknownst to homeowners in December 2010 the NV HOA Board passed one of six Advisory Opinions which allowed NV associations and collection companies to fleece millions of dollars in fees and costs from foreclosures that are precluded by NV law.

Think back and remember Maurice Carroll, former Metro. Police Officer and corrupt process server who was sentenced by District Judge Elissa Cadish to serve more than three years in prison for masterminding and managing a lengthy scheme to file false affidavits in Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas justice courts. Carroll was accused of serving documents in 17 Richland Holdings cases in May and June 2010, though he certified them as served in Justice Court affidavits which might have affected thousands of cases over a period of years. An example of the financial impact that Carroll’s actions may have had on homeowners and possibly NV if foreclosed homeowners were a victim of his erroneous filings (10,000 foreclosed homes x $50,000 average value or punitive damages = $500 million).

The actions of the NV HOA Board, especially corrupt and inept Commissioners who were harshly terminated by NV Gov. Sandoval including Chairman Randolph Watkins, Robert Schwenk and Gary Lein, may have cost NV taxpayers more than $1 billion dollars in fees and punitive damages. If foreclosed homeowners were to ban together and file a class-action lawsuit against NV, the NV HOA Board, Homeowner Associations and collection companies than all parties could possibly be on the hook for $1 billion dollars or more and even more astounding is the fact that the homeowners could win!

With so much money and losses at stake from a class-action lawsuit that could bankrupt an entire state, and members of HOAs, collection companies, and maybe even NV Gov. Sandoval in federal prison or at least in scorching-hot fish grease, it is no wonder why Sandoval wasted no time in terminating three corrupt Commissioners who may have gravely endangered foreclosed homeowners and the existence of NV as we know it today.

NV HOA Board Commissioner Jonathan Friedrich is responsible for discovering and exposing fellow terminated Board Members (Chairman Randolph Watkins, Robert Schwenk and Gary Lein) for illegally passing Advisory Opinions that violated NRS 116.623.

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