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Tourist barely escape death in alleged cover-up blast at Dreams Resort in Punta Cana



PUNTA CANA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (May 16, 2014) On Saturday May 10th at the famous Dreams Resort and Vacation Spa turned into Screams from Tourist when an Explosion erupts from an alleged gas leak while tourist dined for dinner at the World Cafe.

Tourists and workers panicked from confusion and began to run for safety, when a thundering explosion rocked the famous Dreams Vacation & Resort Spa.

The restaurant’s windows blew out while the ceiling collapsed and fell to the ground. Tourists and workers sustained cuts, bruises, burns, broken bones, heart attacks, panic attacks, and concussions. Contrary to bystanders and victims, Dream employees denied that any injuries occurred as an ambulance whisked injured away to nearby hospitals.

Agnus Poleszcxul’s daughter was trapped underneath debris from the ceiling. After being rescued from the rubble Poleszcxul’s daughter was covered in blood and suffered from open wounds. Dream staff insisted that Poleszcxul wash blood off of her daughter. Poleszcxul refused and rode with her daughter to a hospital that was almost an hour away. The family was at the resort to celebrate the wedding of Agnus sister Ana Poleszcxul.

Kevin Murphy, US Marine and New York Police Officer identified himself to resort personnel and offered his assistance while tourists and workers was rushed to the first aid center. Michael Smith, a former reserved New York fire fighter and electrician franticly searched for his son and daughter in-law through the rubble after the ceiling has collapsed to the ground. Sean Mooney was finishing his meal with 30 family and friends, the younger family members of his group left the restaurant 15 minutes before the explosion erupted. Steve Sanson yelled at anyone who would listen and ordered them to evacuate the Dream Resort.

Several tourists acknowledged that there was no emergency plan, no evacuation plan, and most of all no trained employees to lead the safety and rescue efforts. To make matters worse tourist complained that emergency services like police and fire fighters did not come to the rescue and that media was given misleading information about the explosion and possibly denied access to the restaurant.

No one knew if there would be another explosion, no one knew if this might have been a terrorist attack, no one knew anything.

Should we sacrifice our safety for fun when we vacation outside our own country? A country that charges every American $10 to enter should have a better safety plane in place to protect tourist.

There was no contingency plan in place to prevent dreams from becoming nightmares…


For information, contact Steve Sanson, President of Veterans In Politics International by calling (702) 283-8088 or by writing to Visit

If you or someone you know was visiting the Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa, you are urged to call (809) 682-0404 or visit  for information.




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