For Immediate Release:

Steve Sanson President Veterans In Politics International 702 283- 8088
Karen Steelmon Auxiliary Director Veterans In Politics International 702 238-5134

Alice Jean “AJ” Maimbourg is jeopardizing the political careers of candidates

Clark County, Nevada (July 15, 2014)—–Alice Jean “AJ” Maimbourg is jeopardizing the potential careers of the candidates whose campaigns she is managing by alienating potential political sources with her accusatory and condemning attitude.

Alice Maimbourg is accusing other candidates of atrocious acts with no proof.

Alice Maimbourg has accused former Clark County Sheriff Candidate Ted Moody of domestic violence, without offering proof. We could not find any public documentation to support her allegations.

If someone disagrees with her political ideology she attacks them with demeaning and belittling language. Alice Maimbourg candidates have fewer and fewer avenues available to them due to her behavior.

Manipulating voters:

Alice Maimbourg has admitted directly to Veterans In Politics International of deliberately entering a political race for the sole purpose of splitting votes so she can take votes away from another candidate in that race.

Alice Maimbourg entered as a candidate for Nevada State Assembly District 2 for the sole reason to avoid Nevada State Assemblyman John Hambrick (Republican) to face Mark Slotta (Republican) in a General Election.

Instead Slotta faced Hambrick in the primary Republican Election giving Hambrick a free ride into the General Election. Hambrick defeated Republican challenger in the primary only to face a third party candidate in the General election as an Independent American who has no intention of campaigning for this seat.

Voters should know that Alice Maimbourg is behaving in a manipulative, deceitful, and devious manner.

The candidates whose campaigns she is managing should also be aware of her unethical behaviors.


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