Vincent Ochoa Family Court Judge Admitted to Violating Nevada Custody Laws!
Clark County, NV—July 1, 2014 The Veterans In Politics has obtained information that was conducted in an interview with Michele T. LoBello and Family Court Judge Vincent Ochoa.
Judge Ochoa blatantly admitted to violating Fathers Rights. 
Judge Ochoa said that he does not grant overnight visits for the first six months of the life of a child to the Father. Ochoa admitted to factoring the gender of the parent in violation of Nevada Custody Laws.
This is a clear violation of NRS 125.480; Best interests of child; preferences; 2.Preference must not be given to either parent for the sole reason that the parent is the mother or the father of the child.
Maybe Judge Ochoa should be a candidate for Nevada State Legislature instead of a Clark County Family Court Judge!
Listen to link below:
Interview with Judge Vincent Ochoa – Michele T. LoBello, Esq. on AM720 


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