Do you want Judge Ochoa to “like” your children? FaceBook Issues Round #2

Clark County
September 28, 2014

On September 7th of 2014, Veterans in Politics International (“VIPI”) reported in a press release that not only identified Judge Vincent Ochoa of the Family Court, Department S, uses FaceBook to “like” pictures of litigants that appear before him, and some inappropriate pictures, he is also “liking” some of the pictures of the minor children of litigants that appear in before him.

Is there something inherently wrong with that and disturbing to say the least? We think so. (See article: Judge Ochoa and a FaceBook friends “with benefits?” ).

One would think that after the VIPI press release came out, Judge Ochoa would be a better behave Judge. There is too great of a risk of a Judge that is hungry for votes any way he can get it to possibly be influenced by what he might read on someone’s FaceBook page regarding future litigation, especially if at least in one case that VIPI is aware of, there has been some recent hearings involving this subject case in Department S.

It is prohibited under the Ethical Rules to do any sort of independent investigation on a case other than what is presented in their Court paperwork.

In this case, Judge Ochoa still “likes” pictures of children in at least one case. Why does he do that? It is unclear why but in the Wild West in election year, perhaps he figures his time is better spent on social media rather than doing the job that the voters of Clark County elected him to do by a narrow margin of only 52% of the voters that actually voted in the fall of 2010 that got him into office.

What business does a Family Court Judge have to use FaceBook to “like” the children of a litigant that appears before him in Department S? This picture was posted by the litigant on August 26th but it was “liked” by Judge Ochoa in the past two (2) weeks, which was after the last VIPI article addressing this situation in early September.


The Veterans In Politics have been adamantly going after corrupt Clark County Family Court Judges.

Judge Matthew Harter

We have unveiled how Judge Matthew Harter uses his Judicial influence to shield his son from arrest while every other child in the burglary incident was arrested. This decision from Harter cost him his endorsement with the LVPPA and he is being investigated by the Nevada Commission on Judicial discipline (See article: Will Family Judge Matthew Harter suspend his campaign to save his son? ).

Judge Vincent Ochoa

We have unveiled how Judge Vincent Ochoa deliberately and knowingly violate Nevada Custody Laws that decision cost him the endorsement from the POACCSD, Ochoa also likes litigants FaceBook pages and their minor children, Ochoa change custody from Dad to Mom while Dad repeatedly indicated that Mom was making porn webcam videos while the child was present (See article: Vincent Ochoa Family Court Judge Admitted to Violating Nevada Custody Laws ).

Judge William Gonzalez

This brings us to Judge William Gonzalez who constantly violated the Federal Serviceman Civil Relief Act, Cannon Laws, and Nevada Revised Statue, definitely a man-hater in his court room (See article: JUDGE WILLIAM “BILL” GONZALEZ HAS NO LOVE FOR OUR U.S. VETERANS BASED ON HIS INCOMPETENCE AND IGNORING STATE AND FEDERAL LAWS! ).

Clark County it’s your job as a voter to educate yourself and put the best people in Office. If you don’t next time you could be before these Judges, if not you, it will be someone you know, someone you LOVE. Are you willing to take that chance? These Judges are elected for six years, that’s plenty of time to violate a lot of Clark County Families…

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