Hawaii Chapter -Veterans In Politics, International, Inc.

Official 2014 Candidate Endorsements – GENERAL

Below are the candidates whom have interviewed with VIPI and have received our 2014 endorsement.
If an elected seat does not have an endorsement, either the VIPI panel voted to not endorse anyone in that race, no candidates chose to interview with VIPI. In that race, or the endorsed candidate did not win the primary.

. Based on our panel’s recommendations, we have endorsed the following candidates, to date:

• US House of Representatives, Congressional District 1: Charles Djou
• OHA At Large Trustee: Kelii Akina
• State Senate District 12 Chris Lethem
• State Senate District 17 Roger Clemente
• State Senate District 18 Dennis Kim
• State Senate District 21 Tericia Ku
• State Senate District 23 Richard Fale
• State Senate District 24 Jill Tokuda

State House District 17 through 35

  • District      17: Chris Stump
  • District      18: Susan Kehaulani Halvorsen
  • District      19: Anthony Higa
  • District      20: Julia E Allen
  • District      21: Larie Kuulei Langi Manutai
  • District      22: Janet M Grace
  • District      24: Kaui C Jochanan Amsterdam
  • District      25: Ronald Y K Lam
  • District      28: Carole Kauhiwai Kaapu
  • District      31: Aaron Ling  Johanson
  • District      33: Robert C Helsham Sr
  • District      34: Jaci Augstin
  • District      35: LuAnn M Poti

The VIPI endorsement process is 100% fair, unbiased, impartial, and non – partisan. It is conducted by 100% volunteer efforts involving people with extremely diverse personal backgrounds and varying political points of view. The VIPI interview panels are always different at every interview, and always random. It is a pure process that reflects the true opinions of every-day Americans.

VIPI welcomes and invites, and accepts requests from, many people to be a panelist during our interview process. You don’t necessarily need to be a veteran to participate, as stated in our bylaws on our website. We encourage the public to come join the process and be heard – so if you can’t get a spot on the panel, you may still participate. VIPI goes to great lengths to afford this opportunity to everyone interested. After the process is over, all decisions are final, with few exceptions.

These interviews offer first hand information about all the candidates who participate, and VIPI provides it free of charge to the public so everyone can make their own informed decision when they vote.


Thank you for being there for us, Dennis Egge; VIPI Hawaii Chapter President

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