Retraction: Disabled Veterans Targeted by Las Vegas Parking Enforcement:

On August 24th the Veterans In Politics submitted a Press Release titled “Disabled Veterans Targeted by Las Vegas Parking Enforcement see link: Since the distribution of this article Veterans In Politics have learned that the City of Las Vegas is not the entity that gave the Disabled Veterans a Parking Infraction on Government Property.

The culprit that gave the Disabled Veterans the tickets was the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) volunteer program.
Even though the Las Vegas Parking Enforcement did not actually gave the ticket, they have the power to dismiss the ticket and they are the entity that is receiving all the revenue for the tickets and the LVMPD has their permission to give tickets on behalf of the City of Las Vegas.

On another note, the tickets don’t indicate if you have a visible Disability Plaque and you parked in a van side-loading zone your ticket would be reduced from $250 to $35. To know about this you would have to be educated in the system, call the Las Vegas Parking Enforcement, or go to the Las Vegas Parking Enforcement and appeal the ticket.

What a scam!

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