A Judges decision impacts you immediately on a very personal level for the rest of your life.

We should never impact our decision when we vote for a judge, because of friendship and money. Nevada has some corrupt elected officials and we all know it, but we put blinders on when we vote. You should never vote for someone that abuse his or her power on the bench that believes that they are entitled, that violates State and Federal Laws that causes Nevada families prolong suffering that violates our military veteran’s rights. If you can’t do the right thing for yourself, then do it for your family, neighbors, co-workers, and friends.

How could we vote for Judge Vincent Ochoa who deliberately stated that he violates father’s rights for overnight visitation with their infant children, if the mother is breastfeeding? So the infant child does not eat at all while the sun is shining? Ochoa also likes litigants that come before his court on social media and Likes their minor child whom he has never met.

How could we vote for Judge Matthew Harter who uses the power of the bench to shield his son from arrest for burglary, weapons possession, and drug paraphernalia while all other children involved were arrested? Harter then sends his son out of state to escape arrest to live with his son’s mother who he deemed to be a drug user and unfit.

How could we vote for Judge William Gonzalez when he continually violates active duty military veterans Serviceman Civil Relief Act and Constitutional Rights? But he comes to a veterans group for an endorsement and says how he loves his veterans. Is he delusional?

Both Ochoa and Harter have lost major police endorsements they received the endorsements and it was rescinded. The first time in Nevada history two sitting judges had their police endorsements taking away. Harter is also under investigation with the Nevada Judicial Discipline Commission.

Dont forget these Judges are elected to the bench every six years, can you live with that?

Educate yourself before going to the polls!

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