The Clark County Sheriff’s Race

Clark County
November 1, 2014

I have been extremely critical of the Administration for the office of Clark County Sheriff; the list is endless. Over the past few years I have traveled to Carson City, City Council Chambers, Clark County Commission Chambers, and the media to voice my opinion and my organizations opinions on the current administration.

We were in full support of former Assistant Sheriff Ted Moody. Moody came in third place in the primary and I truly blame his Campaign Manager Ronni Council for contributing to this defeat for so many reasons. I made it clear to Council, if Moody lost his primary election it was on her shoulders.

While we were still in the Primary Election after speaking with Chris Collins (LVPPA) Las Vegas Police Protection Association Director I indicated that I would personally back Larry Burns for Sheriff if Ted Moody was to lose his primary. Because I was adamantly against an “Anointed Sheriff” and I believed that would be more of the same.

I attempted to reach out to Larry Burns Sheriff Candidate by phone and in person, apparently being blocked by his Campaign Manager former Nevada State Assemblyman John Oceguera.

Burns is backed by the LVPPA, before any endorsement interviews were conducted, a matter of fact it was the LVPPA who placed Burns into the race for Sheriff.

We learned that the Las Vegas Police Protective Association has placed a “Killer Cop” named Bryan Yant on their Executive Board.

Yant executed Trevon Cole as he was on his knees over a toilet, unarmed, in a t-shirt and boxer shorts. Yant also lied on a Search Warrant, lied under Oath on the stand in a Corners Inquest, and lied in his police statement, this was Yant’s third shooting, two ended in death and they were unarmed, the other had a baseball bat not even in striking range. Yant cost tax payers $1.7 million in a civil judgment plus countless dollars in investigation and legal fees.

The current administration couldn’t terminate Yant because of the LVPPA so they took him off the streets and placed him behind a desk.

I find this extremely troubling to place this officer on the LVPPA Executive Board this would indeed lead to more cover-ups of officers wrongfully shooting Clark County Citizens.

I have also learned that Larry Burns is heavily medicated from pain killers used for back injuries.

I believe that Burns decision would be clouded and he will be extremely influenced by the LVPPA.

Recently, I had a one on one with Joe Lombardo candidate for Sheriff who is now endorsed by Ted Moody.

Lombardo is a military veteran who was an officer in the US Army, that experience is paramount into understanding our veterans and the critical need for de-escalation. Lombardo is well educated and currently the Assistant Sheriff on Metro.

Lombardo acknowledged the critical need for the citizen review process on the “Use of Force Board”.

I believe that Lombardo would be his own man and be truly fair to the citizens of Clark County and the Metropolitan Police Department.

Steve Sanson
President Veterans In Politics International

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