Court Employees GONE WILD…!!!

Clark County, NV
February 2, 2015

Clark County Nevada Family Court Judge uses his position to keep his son out of jail after stealing drug paraphernalia and a handgun in a burglary an ISIS commander would envy (Mathew Harter). And of course you have the judge who spends a lot of time “liking” Facebook photos of children and litigants instead of reading their motions, admitting to violating Nevada Custody Laws, or tending to his son heroin use. (Vincent Ochoa). Both of these Family Court Judges are under investigation by the Nevada Judicial Commission on Discipline.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse….well, it does.

In the same way Eric Holder created a culture of shame and unethical behavior at the IRS, the Justice Department, etc. – these (disgraced) judges have created an atmosphere of lawlessness and impropriety in the Clark County Family Court system that even the Joker could not achieve in the latest Batman movie.

Employees DESTROYING evidence, (in this case, Wendy Wilkinson, Supervisor over Case Files) by shredding pictures of child abuse victims’ injuries, as well as the dismissal of several Clark County Courts’ marshals who had the jurisdiction and authority to investigate such criminal activity, but failed to (or were ordered?) not to do so.

The result?

A review of the victims’ files shows no photographs in the files. Inserted into the cases’ files, in lieu of photographs, are any one of several documents, they read: “This Document Has Illegible Copies” or “This File Has Pages That Are Illegible Upon Receipt Of The Filing Of The Document” or “Pages are Scanned/Filmed At The Best Quality Achieved At This Time”.

Somewhere Richard Milhous Nixon is smiling. “Right out of my playbook”, he’s probably saying.

So, while the highest powers in the state who are supposed to be cleaning this type of mess up are busy trying to justify why the Washington Redskins should change their name, once again it is up to (VIPI) Veterans In Politics International to go to Carson City, present the evidence of documents destroyed, and get former Nevada Attorney General Catherine Masto to sponsor bills SB 27 & SB 57, which were later merged to be Kathie’s Law.

Hopefully now Clark County Court employees are aware that shredding documents is not in their job description, nor is it something left up to their discretion, and we will soon see if further VIPI investigation uncovers anything else in this…or other matters.

And when we have judges leading the way who are under investigation, illegally date their own prosecution lawyers, are connected with heroin and stolen weapons, no doubt something else will come up…..and probably soon.

“If you turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to corruption you are just as guilty, as the perpetrators that are committing the injustice”

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