Do you have a Clark County Family Court Order? Forget it! Your Judge probably did…

Clark County, Nevada
February 24, 2015

You’re before a judge in family court and the order comes down, a decision that all litigants – and the court itself – must follow…unless of course you are in Clark County.

You may as well toss the ruling in the trash, for many orders from the Clark County Family Court system are about as worthless as a promise from the White House to defend Christians, or keeping your doctor.

The epidemic of calls we get at (VIPI) Veterans In Politics International on non-enforcement appear to be due to several factors; incompetence, bias, kickbacks, or lack backbone.

Unfortunately, one can say the process itself takes part of the blame. You see, the process has already made the judge’s lawyer friends their money, there’s no money in it for them to enforce any decision, and they cash in from the process in order to MAKE the decision.
Once the decision – order – is made, who cares? Both judge and lawyer have made their money off you, and are more concerned with the next case.

NEXT! (Cash register rings.)

Forgotten is litigants spend a heck of a lot of time & money on attorney’s fees, as well as suffer the emotional ordeal of going before a judge, only to have it prolonged and in many cases suffer again since the judge does not enforce their very orders.

If this is happening to you, don’t be re-victimized, VIPI have been educating the public and letting them know that they have options to report a Judge that has violated their Ethics, Federal Laws, or Nevada Revised Statues by filing complaints to the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline and providing their evidence with filling out this form:

VIPI is not insinuating that all Family Court Judges failed to enforce their own court orders, but the ones that do know who they are. If you have no intentions of enforcing and order; don’t make it an order of the court!

“If you turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to corruption, discrimination, and wasteful spending you are just as guilty, as the perpetrators that are committing the injustice”

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