“CCSD throws Special Needs Child under the Bus”

Is THIS example a microcosm of the system?

Clark County Nevada
May 17, 2015

(CCSD) Clark County School District is ranked worse in the nation (see Las Vegas Sun article: ( http://lasvegassun.com/news/2014/jan/09/nevada-pulls-dead-last-again-magazines/).

Here’s one reason why:

Many parents who can afford to put their children in private schools take that option, not because they want to put money into a private school program, but because of:

1.) Overcrowding
2.) Lack of adequate pay for teachers
3.) Lower standards for mainstreaming children with learning disabilities
4.) And just simply over whelmed by the hostile environment to teach effectively.

There is a deliberate unwillingness to change school policies for the betterment of all tax paying citizens. The teachers have little to no power to alter the system they work for, and parents are minimized when their concerns are raised.

For example, speaking to several parents who spent $2,000 to get an advanced assessment by a psychologist – that lasted several hours – in an effort to discover an issue with their child with normal IQ, found their child was diagnosed with a learning disability in math.

Going to CCSD for help, which they are entitled under the (IDEA) Individual with Disabilities Education Act of 1997, they were told the process they need to go through to get the child tested for an (IEP) Individualized Education Program will take close to 6 months. A teacher from the Special Education Department in the public school needed to meet with the child and then her teacher has to observe and work with her every day for several months, then submit paper work of the findings to the Special Education teacher. This was all after written evaluations from her private school were already in place.

The meeting was set with the parents, the child’s teacher, the public school’s special education teacher and the public schools (SPED) Special Education Department Representative. The special education teacher indicated that all five members made up a team to decide if the child would need special tutoring in math. Both parents and the child’s private school teacher voted for the IEP to allow the child to gain extra help. The special education teacher and the resource teacher voted against the IEP.

In other words, the vote was 3 for IEP services, and 2 against.

The two, of course, being the CCSD representatives. It was explained that in order for a child to qualify for an IEP for a learning disability they need to be 7% below the average child the same age in the whole (USA).
The child made no improvements was significantly behind her peers at her school yet fell at the 10% on the scale the ‘measure’ compared to all children across America. So in other words, children cannot get help until they are SIGNIFICANTLY behind their peers.

So to get help, you have to be WAY behind, not just a LITTLE behind.

The parents argued that it was a 3-2 vote and majority should dictate the minority vote and the 3 people that voted for the tutoring. Not only were that, but the 3 who voted YES are those who spent the most time with the child. The special education teacher said she would talk to her boss and get back to the parents. Typical CCSD, hope the problem goes away by itself.

The parent reached out again, and CCSD’s response was the child should be tested all over AGAIN, taking another 6 months.

The parents reached out to the President of the Clark County School Board Trustee Dr. Linda Young and argued several points, first it is obvious that their child has a learning disability with mathematical problems and needs a tutor, they spent $2000 on a private assessment of their child brought that assessment to the school district that indicated their child has an learning disability in math.

Dr. Young said she agreed with the parents and she would make sure that the child receives tutoring and she continued by saying she does not agree with the current policies.

Several weeks went by and the Director of the Clark County School District Special Education program called and indicated that they will do nothing to address with the child’s needs. Suggested another Independent Assessment, and that Dr. Young does not know their policies.

So the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

We all wonder why education is not placed on the highest level in Clark County Nevada. We have Administrators receiving a six figure salary while teachers in the classroom go on welfare or have to work two jobs, most of them who have gained a master’s degree level of education themselves yet get paid lower wages then a sanitary workers.

The teachers in Nevada are one of the lowest paid teachers in the US, why? Why is no one doing anything to change the system? We wonder why business owners refuse to bring their companies to Clark County because of fear of an “uneducated workforce”.

The state of Nevada doesn’t care, since all it wants are busboys and strippers….well, maids and bartenders, too.

This is a prime example of political loop holes and a failed policy within the Clark County School District. The Administrators are more concerned about their next over paid paycheck and their union dues than our future generation’s education by adopting failed guidelines, policies, and refuse to help parents with their children’s education making it difficult for them to help their child.

This is only one example of one family, whom fight, advocate for their child and are educated themselves. What hope do families have whom are single parent homes, have little to no extra funding or time to assist their children the way they wish they could? Other families have to place their children in the public system because they work and have no other choices yet are so unhappy with what is going on in the public school system.

The school system was originated for the children, with the parents directing what the children learn! If a parents voice an issue or problem it falls into the black hole of bureaucracy being pushed along, suppressed, or minimized by those in the system.

What is going on?? When will changes begin??

We need to Stop Blaming the teachers who are set up with this failing system, and go the root of the problem – the TOP!

Call your school board trustee and tell them to change their policies click onto the link: http://ccsd.net/trustees/

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