Nevada Assemblyman EDWARDS: “Vote for me today and I promise to take action in two years!”

Carson City, Nevada
May 10, 2015

With less than a month to go in the Nevada 2015 legislative session, Veterans In Politics International is deeply concerned about the apparent lack of progress on real issues facing our veterans here in Nevada. Assemblyman Chris Edwards has proposed the creation of a committee to study veterans’ issues for the next two years in AB241.

Steve Sanson, President of Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) said in frustration, ”Veterans dealing with PTSD, VA treatment delays, homelessness, suicide, Veteran’s courts, child support issues, employment challenges and disability pay protection cannot wait two more years for a study.

Frankly, VIPI had high hopes for Assemblyman Edwards making real changes to the system since he himself is a military veteran. We encourage Assemblyman Edwards to reach out and work with us now and not force the 300,000 Veterans who call Nevada their home to wait another 2 years.

It is ironic that Edwards and other elected officials campaigned to get votes and established a sense of urgency. Unfortunately after getting votes and getting elected and re-elected Edwards and other elected officials are not motivated with the same sense of urgency to make dire decisions for their constituents, especially homeless veterans.“

Sanson encouraged Nevada Veterans to call Chris Edwards at 775-684-8857 or and demand action now for homeless veterans in need today who cannot wait two years for a study to be completed.

The Nevada State Assembly passed a resolution showing their support for those who served in the War on Terrorism, but those words are worthless, hollow, and meaningless without real action now.

With over 22 “reported” veterans committing suicide every day in America, Veterans desperately need help now.

Media outlets report stories everyday about homeless veterans in need. It is time for Assemblyman Chris Edwards and the rest of the Nevada State Legislature to act now and not in two years.

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