All Janet Raglin

I was born in Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, New York in the summer of 1974. My Father was a Brigadier General of the United States Air Force and an Entrepreneur. My Mother was a Designer and Goldsmith for Tiffany’s, NYC. Both my parents are of European descent. I have 3 siblings Stephen (my eldest brother- deceased at age 24); Grace, and Courtney. I am the third born child.
I lived in Astoria, Queens, NY and later in the Upper East Side of Manhattan until the summer of 1985, when my Father was transferred to Argentina. As a daughter of European parents and a high ranking officer of the Air Force there were higher expectations to fulfill. My education not only consisted of Catholic Private Schools from elementary and all the way through my college education but I also had a tutor that would teach me the different languages of the countries where my Father got stationed at. I was also expected to test and skip grades in every country that my Father was transferred to such as France, Spain, Italy, and Germany. I graduated High school at age 16 and was the youngest student admitted into the Architecture Program in the University of Mendoza, Argentina. I graduated college as an Architect at age 20 and returned to the US to join the US Air Force as a non comissioned officer in 1995.

I entered the USAir Force and was trained in the field of Aerospace Control and Warning Systems and became a Journeyman and an Interface Control technician 4 months after I got to my first duty station at Eglin Air Force Base, FL. I was assigned to the Air Tactical Command, 33rd Fighter Wing, 728th Air Control Squadron. In the Spring of 1996 I married a non comissioned officer of the Air Force. Subsequently in the Summer of 1997 I gave birth to my first son. I competed 2 tours in Operation Southern Watch (the silent war against drugs), in the jungle of Yurimaguas, Peru then subsequently in Leticia, Colombia. I received two Achievement medals within 6 months of being active duty for service before self and for service excellence being the surveillance technician that intercepted a low flying Cessna aircraft that carried 500kg of base cocaine paste and was headed to Panama. I separated honorably from the US Air Force in 1998 in pursuit of a family life and to complete my formal education.

In the year 2000 I was elected Newsletter Editor for the Student Nurse Association for Macon State College. I graduated with Honors from Georgia State University with a Bachelors of Science on Nursing in 2002 then began my path to specialize in Neonatal Intensive Care. I gave birth to my second and last son in winter of 2004. I held a staff position for the first 4 years of my nursing career to acquire the experience and knowledge required to safely practice in my specialty. I then set out for the adventure of travel nursing to learn about all the different hospital settings that my specialty has to offer. I accepted a staff position in Las Vegas in 2013 after completing a travel assignment at the same hospital 2 years prior. At age 41 I currently own 4 houses in the US, 5 houses in Argentina, I’m the sole owner of an international trade company, and I also own a fully operational vineyard in the Province of Mendoza, district of Maipú, Argentina.

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