Nevada State & Clark County Judicial Endorsement Interviews 2016:

We will conduct our Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) Endorsement Interviews for the following Judicial Seats; Nevada State Appeals Court Judge, Clark County District Court Judge & Las Vegas Justice of the Peace at Rhythm Kitchen Restaurant on Saturday, February 27, 2016.

Located at: 6435 South Decatur Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89118/ On the Second Floor in the Banquette Room/Between Russell Road and the 215 Freeway (South)/ (702) 767-8438.

There is a bar and restaurant on the premises. After the interview there will be an after party in the Lounge Area on the first floor next to the patio all candidates and public are invited.

With regards to our by-laws all candidates must be present to be considered for our endorsement at the set date and time of our interviews. There will be no make-up interviews, individual interviews, or telephonic interviews. Please mark your calendar for the day and time of your arrival; it is your responsibility to have the correct date and time of your scheduled interviews. Please note the times are in a military clock same as a twenty four hour clock.

All of our interviews are taped and open to the public; we are very transparent when it comes to this process. You can bring your campaign signs and brochures to place on our display table. You can also display your campaign signs in the empty lots going towards Rhythm Kitchen Restaurant.

Once we name candidates we will endorse a press release is sent out announcing their names, we place all video interviews on YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Nevada Politics, Facebook, our website at , Meet Up sites, on our internet radio website page at: and several other sites that are not mentioned.

In addition the interviews will be aired on and we will help to market your candidacy with the use of our media partners.
All endorsement recipients can use our logo on any campaign material that would help with your candidacy. Once you are endorsed we will contact you within 72 hours after we have reached our decision.

We will also present you with our endorsement at your event. If you would like to purchase the video for your interview or any other interviews please contact the President of VIPI.

The Veterans In Politics is not the type of organization that endorses a candidate and move on. We would like to see our candidates become elected by keeping candidates informed and introducing them to some of our ideas and functions.

Every Candidate that we endorse we will offer our “Digital Billboard Deal” please except this once in an election life time deal. It’s first come first serve. The prices we offer are incredibly less than what’s offered at retail and this form of advertisement will expand your name identification to the voters in your election areas.

We will interview the following seats in this order, please RSVP for your respected seats by responding to this email at or contact Steve Sanson 702 283 8088, no later than Friday February 19, 2016.

Elected Seat Time
Saturday, February 27, 2016

Nevada State Appeals Court Judge Department 1 1000
Clark County District Judge Dept. 15 1035

Clark County District Judge Dept. 20 1105

Justice of the Peace Las Vegas TWNSH Dept. 3 1200
Justice of the Peace Las Vegas TWNSH Dept. 4 1245
Justice of the Peace Las Vegas TWNSH Dept. 6 1315
Justice of the Peace Las Vegas TWNSH Dept. 7 1400
Justice of the Peace Las Vegas TWNSH Dept. 9 1435
Justice of the Peace Las Vegas TWNSH Dept. 13 1510
Justice of the Peace Las Vegas TWNSH Dept. 14 1545

Again Please RSVP no later than Friday February 19th, also your response is appreciated if you cannot make the interviews.

Other information if interested:

“Free Tickets will be given away to our local Veterans for the Valentine’s Day Ball”

Karen Steelmon
VIPI Auxiliary Director

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