Through a stringent election process, Veterans In Politics, International, Inc. openly interviews political candidates. VIPI panelists then deliberate in closed voting sessions, and vote to select which candidate(s) to endorse. VIPI endorsement panels are made up of VIPI members as well as invited guests from all walks of life including but not limited to; former and/or sitting judges, attorneys, political activists from all political backgrounds, former and/or current elected representatives, lay-people, veterans and non-veterans alike. The VIPI endorsement panels are politically varied and unbiased, random, and different for each interview session.


Chosen candidates are then publicly presented the VIPI endorsement, and subsequently promoted by VIPI membership.


These procedures are followed to obtain people of the highest quality of character for our elected seats. By these means, we expect to fulfill the VIPI mission statement.


Below are links to all our past and present interview schedules, endorsement announcements, pictures, and video’s.


Click on the appropriate link to find the interview/endorsement you are interested in.




2012 Endorsement Process


2014 Endorsement Process




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