Veterans In Politics, International, Inc.

hosts an annual

Valentine’s Ball


We organize this Valentine’s Ball to reward ourselves and all those

working to better our community through politics, and to honor our

servicemen and women.



Our event attracts local and State level elected representatives, local businesses, high-ranking service members, as well as entertainers. Therefore, the location of our Valentine’s Ball is carefully chosen with the benefit to the local economy our event may bring in mind. 


Click on the appropriate link below to get more information on each event, and pictures from that event.

2014 The Resort On Mt. Charleston


If you have any questions regarding our Valentine’s Ball, would like to sponsor future events, volunteer, or make reservations, please contact VIPI President Steve Sanson (702) 283-8088 stevewsanson@cs.comor Auxiliary Director Karen Steelmon (702) 238-5134

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