Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) By Laws:


Officer Selection:


All officers are selected by an elected process. All officers have to be elected at large by the membership by secret ballot. The President can terminate and officers position at any time if he/she believes the officer is disloyal or not following VIPI guidelines.


If an officer resigns or impeached, the President can appoint another member to fill the position of the remaining time left on that position until scheduled elections are held.


Each elected position held is for one two year term except for the President.  The President’s position is indefinite, there are no term limits.



Political Campaigns:


The Veterans In Politics International interviews candidates and endorse candidates to political seat, after the majority of the membership or interview/election panel has decided on the candidates the organization will support.  The membership will present the endorsement to each winner at their function or event.  The membership will begin to promote each endorsed winner.


If a candidate does not appear in person for an interview the candidate will not be considered for an endorsement.


Phone interviews have to be voted on and approve by the membership with a majority vote. The candidate does not have to be a veteran to gain our endorsement, but being a veteran or family of a veteran is a plus and likeminded.


The interview/election panel is selected by the President. All interviews are open to the public, question can be taken from the public, but each interview panel member must supply their own questions for the candidates. All interviews are recorded. The President can ask for a vote on each candidate after the interviews are complete that day or seven days later.


There will be no personal interviews unless it’s voted on by the panel member.  All interviews must be conducted at one time for all candidates running for the same seat.










All candidates will be contacted by the membership for the scheduled interviews in writing, if allowed the membership can do follow up phone calls. The date, place, and time for the interviews are set by the President.  Each candidate will be notified if they are endorsed.


The organization (The Veterans In Politics or Veterans In Politics International or VIP or VIPI) will endorse the best candidate for the seat which they are a candidate for. Each candidate  will be judged on the following: must be of like minds, veteran a plus, but not mandatory, knowledgeable, honest, ethical, fiscally responsible, experience, has the drive to better oneself and community, approachable, appearance, and the willingness to serve others before oneself.



Veterans In Politics member cannot donate to any political candidates before the interviews this would be considered an endorsement. Veterans In Politics member cannot go to a political candidate fundraiser or function if we endorsed an opponent of that candidate.  VIP member can go to all candidates’ functions before endorsement interviews, once the membership has endorsed a candidate no member of the VIP can go to unendorsed candidates functions. VIP member can go to a candidates function if the VIP has not endorsed a particular race or seat, this only happens when the membership chooses not to endorse anyone in a particular race.







The membership will testify on different veteran issues by a majority vote from the membership or directed by the President.  The membership will testify in front of the deciding body to bring attention to veteran issues. The President can influence the deciding body, by contacting the deciding body trough lobbyist or personal contact for or against veteran issues.





Donations can be supplied by individuals are companies via our website at or mail to Veterans In Politics/PO Box 28211/Las Vegas, Nv. 89126. Donation can come from the membership or officers.


All donations will market the Veterans In Politics to drive up membership and to market candidates that has been endorsed by the organization.  The Veterans In Politics can solicit donations from its talk show on  from commercials.








We will take any donation of value to keep the organization in good standing. All contributions would be used for marketing purposes and supplies. For example radio, television, internet, radio, mailers, etc.





A veteran is any member past or present from any branch of the US military: Marine, Army, Navy, Air force, Coast Guard, National Guard, and Reserve. A veteran must be an elected officer only a veteran must be on the corporate charter.


Auxiliary member is the civilian side of the Veterans In Politics: there are civilians that are families of a veteran or likeminded individual.  An auxiliary member has a full vote as a veteran except they cannot be elected officers and on the corporate charter. All auxiliary positions are appointed by the President.


We have memberships in foreign countries and US Territories, but the operation of the Veterans In Politics International is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The Las Vegas office is our National Chapter.


The veteran membership of the organization is made up of veterans from other veteran groups such as the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, Marine Corps League, Special Forces, The Jewish War Veterans, American Legion, and the list goes on.


The membership of the organization is not limited to one state or one country. We have a membership ship drive in all fifty states and other countries and territories, there are US Veterans everywhere.






The organization has trademark the seal of the Veterans In Politics International and has claimed the factitious name with Clark County Nevada.



Grants and Loans:


The organization will accept grants and loans through any source.








The organization will branch out to other states, cities, counties, and US territories to cover other areas in an effort to build awareness and membership, to increase the organization strength in other areas.





The organization will build networking with other veteran affiliation, political affiliations, business affiliations, and non-profits.  For example: Marine Corps League, the Pachyderms, Face Book, The Color of Lupus, The Chamber of Commerce, Latin, Asian, and Urban, Veteran Tribute Technical Academy High School, The Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, and Independent American Parties.





An Invocation shall be given by our Minister at each meeting and interviews.






The organization will not tolerate any form of discrimination for example: gender, marital status, race, religion, creed, service years, branch of service, MOS (military occupational specialty), rank, and combat status, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Any officer or member that causes conflict that cannot be tolerated; the President will administer the necessary discipline action that is appropriate.




Membership dues are due every calendar year in the month of January; our Auxiliary Director will insure that the membership is paid in full. It’s up to each member to help drive the membership of the VIP.





Meetings are held every other month, unless the elections become time consuming. It’s up to the President to resume regular meetings once the elections are over.

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