Las Vegas, Nevada, November 4, 2012 at 10AM

RJ Reverses itself, rejects an endorsement for Kevinn Donovan

The Las Vegas Review Journal has rejected and endorsement for Kevinn Donovan, and instead has chosen to support Deanna Wright for CCSD School Board District A.

Veterans In Politics, International, Inc., is stunned and confused as to why a well known and respected media outlet would endorse a candidate who has been the subject of several inquiries in it’s own pages.

The seat for which Mrs. White is competing is the only one representing District A on the Clark County School Board.  Mrs. White has been publicly recorded as telling parents to “Sit down and shut up. We’re sick of you.”  Parents in District A deserve representation, not someone speaking so rudely to the people she claims to represent.

The Review Journal has often reported her inability to write a proper sentence.  In her own words, she supports “teachering”.  Typo?  Not likely, her misspelling is legendary, as covered by the Review Journal on several occasions.

Deanna Wright has not earned an associates degree, or any other degree from any college.  She is unqualified to act as a substitute teacher. How then, could she be qualified to sit on a school board as a Trustee?  There are some questions surrounding her High School graduation status, as well.
The Review Journal claims to support this candidate because she faced unions, and opposes the Evergreen Clause.  The facts are, for more than half her term, she followed the directions of the former superintendent, including supporting the unions.  This can be verified on her contributions list.  Under her direction, salary increases were paid to the top five administrators.  Their own union opposed this.  Is this what is meant by standing up to the unions?  Most recently, she has turned face, and withheld her support from the unions.  As she was told to do.  Veterans In Politics, International, Inc., has no confidence in Mrs. White’s understanding of the Evergreen Clause, based on her past actions.  This clause renews contracts indefinitely, without benefit of prior negotiations.
Veterans In Politics, International, Inc., has interviewed Mr. Kevinn Donovan.  We are confident in his ability to support policies which are beneficial to the students of his District, not for himself or at the pleasure of those who might wish to gain favor from the Office he is seeking.  He has a fine understanding of the obligations he faces in the District, and we are sure he will fulfill them with integrity and honor.  Mrs. White rejected Veterans In Politics, International, Inc. invitation to interview, based on rumors she heard, as written in an email to VIPI.

On more than one occasion she has disrupted school board meetings over the use of incidental words such as “plant” vs. “shrub”.  This kind of behavior in no way serves any of the parents or students of District A, or anywhere else.  This candidate has no place on any public board, much less a school board.
Undoubtedly, Kevinn Donovan is far more qualified for this seat.  Coupled with his business experience, he has an innate understanding of contract negotiations, as well as fiscal responsibilities.  He is more than what the RJ calls a “fine candidate”, he is the best hope for his District, and will be make the school board more successful with his input.  He is involved in the school programs of his own 4 children, therefore has a keen understanding of what functions well in his District.  Under the proven failed leadership of Mrs. White, students have suffered, as evidenced by failure rates.


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