Attention all 2014 Candidates, Elected Officials, Campaign Mangers, Political Consultants, & Voters:

The Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) will conduct endorsement interviews in the State of Nevada for every elected seat that are opposed.

We have been interviewing candidates and elected officials on our radio program every Tuesday at 8PM “Eye On Nevada Politics” and our internet talk show every Saturday at 2PM “Veterans In Politics”.

We had members sit in and listen to the 2013 Legislative session, we have members talking with our congressional leaders in their Washington DC Office, we have member sitting in county commission chambers, and we have members sitting in court rooms. In short we have members critiquing elected officials where they work.

We also go to every elected or candidate functions as long as we are invited. In addition we share a candidates event on social media an amongst our members. We also encourage candidates to place a commercial on our radio program. We invited all candidates to march with us in the Veterans Day Parade, we invite all candidates to participate at our booth at the Gun Show and other events, and we are inviting all candidates to be in attendance at our Valentine’s Day Ball Event.

Once we endorse a candidate we become loyal to that candidate, until then we will continue to embrace all candidate.

We are the only group in the State of Nevada that interviews all the candidates at one time for each race no matter what their party affiliations, video tape the interview, open the interviews to the public, and place the videotaped interviews on several social media websites.

We are the only Veterans group in this State of Nevada that is registered with the Secretary of State and endorses candidates.
We are none partisan however sometimes it might seem that we are, but we can assure you we are not. We have members in every political organization, many veterans groups, many professions, and advocacy groups.

Between now and when we start to endorse candidates you will see us at different candidates events, you will see our members in photos with different candidates, and you will see us sharing candidates information. This is how we educate ourselves on different candidates.
We have never rubber stamp a candidate because of party affiliation, gender, religion, affiliation, title, popularity, influence, membership, nor finances. The only time we will give extra points in our endorsements are for military veterans and candidates that have actually helped military veterans; However just because you are a military veteran that is not a rubber stamp for our endorsement.

We believe that we are the only group that will treat you fairly in our endorsement process. Many groups will not even invite a candidate if they believe that candidate has no chance in winning their election and many groups will not endorse in the primary they will wait for the General Election to start endorsing.

We embarrass all candidates and we love to put candidates into the General Election and not wait for others to make that choice for us.
We are going to make our endorsement interviews different in 2014. Our endorsements interviews will be at a new location, we will have different moderators for each interview day, we will have a diverse interview panels with guest interviewers, and a hurray of sponsors.

We will start interviewing our judicial candidates in February and the other candidates in April and May. Southern Nevada VIP will conduct interviews for (3) Congressional seats, (6) Constitutional Seats of Nevada’s Executive Branch, (7) State Senate seats, (31) State Assembly seats, (2) Nevada Supreme Court seats (3) County Commissioner seats, (6) Clark County Executive Branch seats, (10) Constable seats, (52) Clark County District Court seats, (3) State University Regent seats, (3) Clark County School Board Trustee seats, (5) Justice of The Peace seats and (1) Sheriff seat.

We have been interviewing all candidates in a public forum since 2005. Again no other group is willing to interviewing every single candidate in every race. We take the utmost pride in our endorsement interview process and the utmost pride in naming our endorsed candidates.
The VIPI prides it selves on being a leader in our community. Make friends out of enemies and expose corruption.
We stand up for what we believe is right and we stand up for elected and candidates that stands up for us.

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