I had an opportunity to watch a movie entitled “12 years a slave”. The movie talks about a free black man that was kidnapped from a Union State, taken to a Confederate State and sold into slavery.

The torture, mental/physical abuse, rape, separation of family, and murder that was placed upon blacks in the early years of our country is disgusting; to be treated as property and not as human beings is appalling. This type of behavior was accepted, normalized and endured.
Today we have corrupt government officials and elected representatives that are paid for by tax payers. They have taken an oath to uphold the laws to abide by our Constitution, some of them are in this for power and money with a damming sense of entitlement.

When we expose these government officials we get backlash from some of you that are puppets to them, the perpetrators themselves, or you make up a part of society that normalizes corrupt behaviors.

One person can make a difference, if you don’t vote and voice your opinions you have nothing to say when you fall victim especially to a Judge, Law Enforcement or/and Legislature.

If you turn a blind eye and stay silent to injustice and corruption, you are just as guilty as the perpetrator.

You can never put a price on freedom, health, and true happiness.

Steve Sanson
President Veterans In Politics International, Inc.

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