Crimes committed by Police Officers at the NLV Jail look like cover-up scenes from “The Twilight Zone”

NORTH LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (November 14, 2013) — Vandalism, property damages, theft, arguments, fights and injuries are common occurrences in jails. But video footage of unprovoked Police Officers physically assaulting inmates and written incident reports from Police Officers incriminating other Police Officers is so bizarre that it sounds like an episode from Rod Serling’s television series, “The Twilight Zone”. And if you find this hard to believe, than overwhelming evidence proving the criminal actions of two Police Officers is even harder to believe because it is true and on the record.

Sworn testimonies from former North Las Vegas Police Officers about violent crimes committed by Dave Noahr and David Powell against Daniel LaJocies, a former inmate at the North Las Vegas Detention Center (NLV Jail), fill over 299 pages of depositions and transcripts. Joseph Forti, Kumiko-Katie M. Moore, Troi Perry, Jeffrey D. Rogers and Sonya McAllister all state that something erroneous and criminal happened at the NLV Jail when Dave Noahr and David Powell were inside the cell. of Daniel LaJocies on July 27, 2006. To be expected everyone has a different account of events and more or less recollection of the physical altercation that was caused by Noahr and Powell at the NLV Jail when they were in fact off-duty and trespassing.

According to depositions, Noahr and Powell were off-duty, sloppy drunk and looking to start trouble when they both visited the NLV Jail on July 27, 2006. To make a long story short, Noahr and Powell privately visited LaJocies in his cell. After slurred and unclear commands were given by Noahr and Powell to LaJocies and a brief exchange of words, other Police Officers and Medical Technicians crowded the cell. of LaJocies. Apparently LaJocies suffered severe physical injuries including a detached retina and broken ribs. According to Noahr and Powell those injuries were the result of a prior fight between inmates. Kumiko-Katie M. Moore, a Corrections Lieutenant submitted an incident report that stated Noahr and Powell brutally and viciously attacked LaJocies without justification. Somehow Moore’s incident report was altered by an unknown person or persons to collaborate the testimonies of Noahr and Powell. Troi Perry, a Security Control Supervisor filmed the brutal and vicious attack suffered by LaJocies. After submitting an incident report and the only video footage to collaborate the story of LaJocies and the incident report of Moore, it mysteriously disappeared. LaJocies later filed a civil lawsuit against the North Las Vegas Police Department, Dave Noahr and David Powell and eventually settled for an undisclosed amount of money of which the City of North Las Vegas paid over $100,000.

Kumiko-Katie M. Moore and Dave Noahr are both still employed with the North Las Vegas Police Department. Dave Noahr has received a promotion and raise.

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