Family Court Judge Charles Hoskin – Favored by attorneys, but maybe not by judges or voters

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (January 15, 2014) — Last year the Clark County District Court sought a new hearing master to serve in the Family Division. Duties included overseeing hearings and rendering opinions on cases that dealt with issues such as abuse and neglect, child support, domestic violence and guardianship. Over 75 applicants submitted formal requests to become a hearing master. A committee made up of Judges voted and the top three finalists included Soonhee A. Bailey, Yolanda M. Carroll and Amy M. Mastin.

Former Chief Judge Jennifer P. Togliatti issued a press release seeking the public’s vote and in turn promised transparency and fairness in the selection process in addition to hearing public comment. “Inviting the public to give input into the process is intended to improve transparency and build public trust and confidence,” Clark County District Court Chief Judge Togliatti said in a news release. “The policy also ensures a consistent selection procedure.”

Judge Togliatti, Human Resources Manager – Ed May and 19 of the Family Court Judges listened to presentations and voted on their favorite hearing master candidate. One applicant in particular garnered 12 of the 19 votes, well over 50 percent. Immediately the results were leaked inside the legal community and they were happy with the selection. It was even divulged that one of the Family Court Judges would mentor the applicant.

Apparently Judge Hoskin was not in agreement with Soonhee A. Bailey being selected by the Judges. So he privately approached a Family Court Judge and asked her if she would support his decision to circumvent the popular vote of 19 other judges and break the promise of transparency and fairness that was promised to the public. She did not approve. About a week later Judge Hoskin called and informed Amy M. Mastin, the candidate with only four (4) votes that the Judges had selected her to for the position of Hearing Master.

Former Chief Judge Jennifer P. Togliatti was silent and did not issue a formal apology or an explanation of the sole action of Judge Hoskin. The general public was outraged and 12 Family Court Judges felt slighted and disrespected because like the public, their vote did not matter and was not recognized.

On last December the Las Vegas Review Journal (LVRJ) listed Judge Hoskin as being popular amongst attorneys with a 90 percent approval rate in its Judges’ Review. If the LVRJ reviewed Judges’ popularity amongst other Judges and the general public, how would Judge Hoskin rate?

Judge Hoskin is seeking re-election and voters can bet their last dollar on one thing … If they vote for Judge Hoskin in 2014, this time he will count their vote!
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