Will 2014 Clark County Sheriff candidate Bobby G finally suspend his campaign?

Recently Veterans In Politics reported allegations about 2014 Clark County Sheriff candidate and former Las Vegas Constable Robert “Bobby G” Gronauer. Allegations include having an extra-marital affair with former Constable employee Lucy Arse, who gave birth to a baby fathered by Bobby G. Shortly after the office romance became public knowledge, Lucy’s longtime marriage ended in divorce and Bobby G returned to his wife.

Another incident reported is that Bobby G and Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Ann E. Zimmerman from Department 8 entered into a contract for jail fees that are more than legally allowed pertaining to Nevada Revised Statutes. Veterans In Politics has obtained and published a copy of the agreement between Bobby G. and Justice of the Peace Ann E. Zimmerman. Constables are entitled to earn $48.00 for each warrant lawfully executed according to NRS 258.125. According to NRS 258.170 no other fees shall be charged by constable. According to NRS 258.210 if any constable shall take more or greater fees than are allowed by law, the constable shall be liable to indictment, and on conviction shall be removed from office and fined. Based on the Nevada Revised Statutes and the payment amount awarded to the Las Vegas Constable in the ’lnterlocal Agreement Between The Las Vegas Justice Court And The Las Vegas Constable’s Office,’ Robert “Bobby G” Gronauer is subject to prosecution.

From the time that these allegations were first reported by Veterans In Politics until now, several Bobby G supporters have withdrawn their money. Obviously this has negatively impacted Bobby G’s name recognition, reputation and fundraising ability, so much that he has hired an attorney to persuade Veterans In Politics to cease investigating and reporting these allegations.

Normally when someone is being falsely accused, they rush to defend themselves publicly and privately. However Bobby G. is not defending himself and instead his attorney is trying to suppress the stories about allegations. One can only assume that it is just a matter of time before Bobby G indefinitely suspends his 2014 Sheriff’s campaign to avoid further embarrassment and criminal prosecution. As of a few weeks ago, he is clearly focusing his time, money, staff and resources on not answering some tough questions, allegedly.

Remember when Presidential candidate Herman Cain suspended his campaign after his extramarital affair was exposed?

Remember when President Bill Clinton was impeached after his extramarital affair was exposed?

When will Bobby G suspend his campaign and save his wife pain and public humiliation?

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