A Clark County Sheriff is the second most powerful position within the State of Nevada. Before you vote “educate” yourself on the candidates running for office; if you are happy with the way the current Sheriff is conducting Metro vote for his second pick and that’s Joe Lombardo “ The Anointed One” and let the Casino’s and Money continue to run our communities. If you are happy with the way the Police Union are protecting BAD cops for being “Judge, Jury and Executioner” than vote for their handpicked candidate and that’s Larry Burns. There are several police officers who have committed murder and still either on the force or receiving retirement or disability payments for the rest of their lives and we the tax payers are flipping the bill. We have interviewed sheriff candidates on our radio programs. Provided press release of corruption, and video interviewed the candidates for our endorsement. Would you like to be told who to vote for or would you like to educate yourself and vote for a candidate that will be fair to every member of our community?

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