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“Your US Military Veteran should be the primary Special Interest Group”

Las Vegas, Nevada (May 26, 2014) On this Memorial Day we remember our service members that gave the ultimate sacrifice in the defense for our freedoms.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding our veterans. It takes years for our Regional Office in Carson City to approve our VA Claims. In the event they do not approve a claim the VA makes you go through the impossible so you can give up on refilling a claim.

When a veteran appeals a VA claim for one reason or another the VA Regional office finds reasons to reduce the original value of the claim.

The VA tries their very best not to give a veteran 100% service connected disability. If a veteran is 100% they are entitled to dental care. Right now 100,000 veterans that should be rated 100% are suffering from decaying teeth and do not have the funds to take care of their dental needs.

Several years ago Veterans In Politics members pleaded with former US Senator John Ensign in his Washington DC office to establish a Veteran Insurance Card that would give the Veteran the ability to attend any hospital or doctor. Senator Ensign quickly replied and said that this proposal would cost jobs. Is the cost of jobs worth the medical attention of our veterans? Veterans In Politics was not asking to eliminate the VA Hospital or clinics but to reduce the amount of money that it costs for construction.

Instead of putting money into building permits, equipment, land, staffing, etc. the efforts should be made to give veterans access to medical needs by allowing them to attend any doctor or hospital within their location instead of driving miles or sometime out of state and placed on a waiting list.

The VA spends more money on the development of a hospital’s and in reality the Veterans are not getting quick assessments, effective or efficient care putting them in greater harm because of what has become a neglectful system.

Remember Stanley Gibson the Army Gulf War Veteran that was shot and killed by LVMPD Officer Jesus Arevalo. Before Former Officer Arevalo shot and killed Stanley Gibson the VA canceled Gibson’s appointment, reduced his service connected disability payments. This caused a hardship, this helped to contribute to the death of Gibson and the millions of dollars it cost Clark County tax payers. Gibson was suffering from PTSD and received dozens of surgeries to his face for depleted uranium from his service during the Gulf War.

There are many problems that face our community especially when it comes to our military veterans. We hardly have any facilities to house our homeless female veterans; Army Combat Veteran Julia Thompson arrived in Las Vegas last year and after months of looking decided to go to San Diego.

It seems that veteran issues are not a top priority for most of our “Public Servants”. A few of our elected officials make efforts to assist. In 2009 Family Court Judge Jennifer Elliot sollicited the help of Veterans In Politics and former Assembly Speaker Barbra Buckley to help implement a veteran’s court. After Buckley sponsored a bill, Veterans In Politics lobbied the legislature and the Governor’s office, this bill became a law. However Clark County still did not recognize this law and in 2010 Veterans In Politics had to lobby the Clark County District Court, Justice of the Peace, and Municipal Courts to implement this law (see link Veterans Court: ).

We still have Police Chiefs who deny their Police Officers their paid leave when they are on orders with the military. NLV Chief Chronister has been screwing over veterans for years in his police force but yet no one is paying attention to this ( see link NLV Police Chief abusing military reserve veterans), see: ).

In the last legislative session we had legislatures listen to the testimony of Marshal Willick a Las Vegas Attorney a non-military veteran that makes his living by having Family Court Judges violate Federal Law and award Veterans Service Connected Disability Benefits to abele bodied spouses in alimony ( see link Legislature turns their back on Veterans: ).

We also have Family Court Judges continue to violate the Service Members Civil Relief Act. I don’t know if its ignorance, lack of training, denial, or they just don’t care yet they claim that they are for veterans (see link Service Members Civil Relief Act: ).

Let’s not forget the USO project at McCarran Airport. The Veterans In Politics along with other veterans of this community like Air Force retired veteran Chuck Lombardo fought for a USO at the airport. We were told by the USO Chief of Staff that a USO is not needed in Las Vegas because we had mobile site miles away on Nellis Air force Base. We were told the military traffic that comes through the airport is not enough to warrant a USO, that the USO is not going to put a facility where gambling is legal, and we were not on their priority list. One excuse after another so we brought this to the attention of Steve Sisolak Clark County Commissioner and we were going to get the go ahead to have a Military Hospitality Lounge since the USO wanted nothing to do with us. Then US Senator Harry Reid decided that he would establish the USO after he turned us down on numerous occasions and now he needed a boost to help with his reelection campaign.

This brings me to my last thought. The VA does not give veterans preferential treatment when it comes to hiring a veteran and this practice has been going on for years. If there is anyone that knows a veteran that would be another veteran especially in a VA hospital. Our government provides literature about tax breaks for hiring veterans and they do not implement the same.

Our men and women from our armed forces have been through hell and back. After combat their pain and suffering does not end and in some cases it just began. Some bring back a ton of medical issues and broken hearts. Some return to family and friends that either are not there for them or do not understand how to support them.

In the military we are taught to abandon no one. We all should practice this same principal and not wait until it serves a purpose during election cycle.

Veterans In Politics International, Inc.:

Established in 1993: Veterans In Politics International, Inc. Mission is: To educate, organize, and awaken our veterans and their families to select, support and intelligently vote for those candidates whom would help create a better world, to protect ourselves from our own government(s) in a culture of corruption, and to be the political voice for those in other groups who do not have one.

For information or if you would like to donate to our cause please visit we are a not for profit 501 © 4.

Our Endorsed Candidates for Southern & Northern Nevada:

The Veterans In Politics International has invited every candidate that has filed for election to be interviewed in an effort to educate the public on candidates filed for public office.

Some candidates don’t want to be interviewed for whatever reasons, but the candidates that have decided to interviewed by our group have earned our respect and the candidates that have received our endorsement’ we feel would be the best person to help our state for the betterment of the entire community especially our war fighters, our US military veterans.

If you don’t agree with our endorsements please click onto the links below or see attached and view the candidates for yourself or visit our radio archive interviews on (Veterans In Politics Talk Show) and KLAV 1230AM (Eye On Nevada Politics Talk Shows).!/pages/Veterans-In-Politics-International-Endorsement-for-the-State-of-Nevada/1489841664563680

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