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Disabled Veterans targeted by the Las Vegas Parking Enforcement!

Las Vegas, Nevada
(August 24, 2014)

An issue has been brought to the attention of Veterans In Politics International – that Las Vegas Parking Enforcement is deliberately and willfully targeting disabled veterans by driving onto federal government property and issuing parking violation citations to vehicles parked there. Never mind the fact that the Veteran Administrations have their own police force.

On August 11, 2014, Las Vegas Parking Enforcement ticketed several veterans’ vehicles at the Veteran Administration (VA) Clinic located at 3968 North Rancho Drive for parking infractions. This VA Clinic is located on federal government property surrounded by four walls and has a locked rolling gate that is secured after hours.

The local police departments don’t even give tickets on federal or private property when you have an accident, but the Las Vegas Parking Enforcement decided that they are beyond reproach, and ticket veterans’ vehicles that are at the clinic receiving treatment for their service connected disabilities.

One of the vehicles ticketed was parked in a handicap parking stall, with a visible handicap placarded hanging from the visor. The vehicle bears United States Marine Corps Veteran license plates, the veteran’s adult son was sleeping in the vehicle, and the engine was running. The reason the Las Vegas Parking Enforcement gave the ticket is because the handicap parking indicated “van assessable parking only”.
Instead of this parking enforcer tapping on the window and asking the veterans son to move the vehicle, they quietly placed a ticket on the windshield and retreated.

What low life would come onto a VA facility, deliberately ticket a veteran vehicle, and didn’t even give the veteran son an opportunity to move the vehicle?

Several questions came to mind:

1) If the local Police Department cannot ticket a vehicle in an accident on private property, then why is the Las Vegas Parking Enforcement ticketing a vehicle on Federal Property?

2) Can local Parking Enforcement come onto Federal Properties and ticket vehicles for parking infractions?

3) What Government Organizations is receiving the revenues generated from these tickets?

4) Is there a quota a Parking Enforcer must maintain to keep their job?

It’s been proven time and time again that the men and women who have fought for this country are continuing to be a targeted, continuing to be profiled, and continuing to be disrespected.

It is time for non military civilians to start understanding what our military veterans have gone through and continue to go through to give you the freedoms you have today.



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