Fight, Bleed, & Die for Country!

Las Vegas, Nevada
August 20, 2014

The Las Vegas Chapter Marine Corps Riders is made up of men who served honorably in the United States Marine Corps from the Korean War to present day Afghanistan.

These men are a band of brothers who love the freedom of riding a motorcycle and love to serve their fellow man.

The Marine Riders have helped many charitable organizations such as “Toys for Tots”. If requested, they will attend the funeral of any veteran and pay their respect to a fallen service member.

The Marine Riders have the authorization and confidence of The United States Marine Corps Headquarters to bear the International symbol of all US Marines on the back of their jacket. The “Eagle, Globe, and Anchor” symbol represents all US Marines in this world and the next.
Marines are a fighting machine – first in and last out. Anytime there is a military conflict, our US Marines are there to defend our way of life from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Marines are feared by their enemies and loved by their friends. But there are people out there -Americans – who harbor prejudices and hypocritical or ungrateful biases towards our Marine Riders simply because they ride bikes, are members of a club, and wear “biker” attire. These people often express the attitude that our Marine Riders are fit to die for our freedoms but not worthy of walking down our streets!
When you can identify our US veterans, the proper recognition should be “thank you for your service”, but when our Marine Riders are recognized, they are often greeted much differently… “You are not welcome”.

You are not welcome if you keep on your jacket with the US Marine Corps symbol because it looks like you are a gang member.

Really! Asking a Marine Rider to remove the Marine Symbol is like asking an American Patriot to burn the American Flag.

The Marines live by honor, loyalty, and integrity. Removing their Marine Symbol is a true sign of disrespect.

The Marine Riders are singled out by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) and told to take off the Marine Corps Symbol while walking down East Fremont Street.

The Marine Riders are also singled out by the LVMPD gang unit as known associates. Known associates to what the United States Marine Corps?

The Marine Riders also are greeted by many hotel casinos with “you are not welcome with your Marine patch”. The casino executives don’t mind taking the Marine Riders’ money, as long as they take off the US Marine Corps Symbol.

The people who ask our Marine Riders to remove the US Marine Corps symbol more than likely never served in our Armed Forces and have no concept of loyalty and honor, or bikers for that matter. All money is green, regardless from where it comes. Riding a bike and wearing a “biker” patch should not be cause for discrimination. But when that patch symbolizes the military unit that secured the freedom for that establishment to exist, it should be respected at the very least, and honored and venerated and treated with the gratitude it deserves, at most.

We, as a society, need to stop stereotyping people. We need to stop judging a book by its cover. The dedication these Marines served in uniform is no different serving as a Marine Rider.

The Marine motto is “Semper Fidelis”, is Latin, and means “always faithful”. Marines are faithful to God, Country, and the United States Marine Corps. Once a Marine, always a Marine. That mentality has never changed.

We are asking this community to start accepting our Marine Riders and stop the discrimination and the profiling.

Who is next the Boy Scouts of America?

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