The Veterans In Politics International mission is to expose corruption and give a voice to the voiceless. We do this with press release, endorsement interviews, and radio shows.

We believe that a JUDGE is the most important elected official on your ballot they impact your life immediately and on a very personal level. It is our duty to the community to educate you on these elected officials.

Some of you are upset that we go after a JUDGE because; they are your friend, because they are paying your salary, because you have received personal favors.

The Veterans In Politics International targets a JUDGE because it’s the right thing to do.

We put ourselves in the litigants shoes and say “would we want the same treatment” and the answer is no. Because you are a JUDGE you are not a saint! A JUDGE are people too they make mistakes, but when they deliberately break the law, abuse their power, and have a sense of entitlement do you really want them to represent YOU?

When a JUDGE destroys a family or a life because of their ruling its one life and one family too many, if you can’t stand up against these JUDGE that break the law for whatever reason; then you need to stay out of our way so we can do the job and inform Clark County Voters.

Steve Sanson President Veteran In Politics International

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