Every election year we spend thousands of dollars out of our own pocket and hundreds of hours out of our own time to educate the public on candidates that are running for elected office.

We do this by taped interviews of the candidates, placing the interviews on social media, interviewing candidates on the radio, host mixers, press release, and placing commercials.

Every year we have haters, we have people that are being paid to be on one side over another, we have people that will ride your coat tail for one reason or another and we have people that don’t do a dame thing but complain!

The one thing that we have noticed is that those people come and go, but Veterans In Politics has been educating voters for the past 21 years, longer than most of the haters, users and complainers.

There are two types of people in this world the ones that are willing to stand alone to make this community a better place and the scared rabbits that run to the most powerful to protect their own ass or just run away.

One thing that is true in politics and life at the end of the day look around and see who is standing next to you, those are your friends everyone else are phonies!

Steve Sanson President Veterans In Politics International, Inc.

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