“Does Ross Miller Nevada Secretary of State owes an apology to all Nevada Veterans”

Clark County
October 14, 2014

Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) demands, at the very least, an apology from Ross Miller for his egregious comments during a debate with Adam Laxalt candidate for Nevada State Attorney General, Friday night October 11th on the Vegas Public Broadcasting System (PBS). We also feel Ross Miller should immediately resign from the office of Nevada Secretary of State.

During the debate for Attorney General, Ross Miller was asked to respond to allegations of receiving inappropriate gifts and contributions while serving as Nevada Secretary of State. Instead of facing the questions regarding his own apparent misdeeds, Mr. Miller seemed to filibuster and stall, then deflected attention from himself, by attacking Adam Laxalt’s military service record (see link: http://www.vegaspbs.org/election-2014/attorney-general-debate/ at 39:10). The attack was made in such a disgusting and unprofessional manner that Mr. Miller may have disqualified himself from the office of Nevada State Attorney General.

The fact that Mr. Miller deflected attention from himself is appalling, what he said about Mr. Laxalt’s time in a combat zone is a low and desperate political tactic.

Mr. Miller used a US military veteran who had served our country in a war zone by attacking that veteran’s service record is unforgivable.

Ross Miller said “it seemed like you were processing paperwork” referring to Laxalt’s duties in Iraq as a Prosecutor/Jag Officer.

The fact is that several Jag Officers were killed in action while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past 12 years of war.

The fact is every member of the US Armed Forces was and is in mortal danger while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan from Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), mortars lobbed into base, suicide bombers, snipers, local friendly attacks, accidents and so on.

The majority of troops in the war is in support positions and are doing their duty as part of a team, it doesn’t matter what your Military Occupational Specialty is; you are a basic rifleman first and trained to take out the enemy at all cost.

Every cook, mechanic, truck driver, lawyer, doctor, and every member of our political party system is risking their lives in support of the mission.

Unfortunately Mr. Miller never served our country in the military nor in a combat environment, so he wouldn’t know nor understand this concept.

Mr. Laxalt served our country under very dangerous conditions and was awarded the Joint Service Commendation Medal and the Iraq Campaign Medal. In addition, his Unit was awarded the Joint Meritorious Unit Award.

Laxalt’s team was in charge of more than 20,000 detainees during the surge, assisting with the detention and prosecution of thousands of war criminals and terrorists.

Mr. Miller owes the 339,000 Veterans and their families who call Nevada their home an apology for such an insanely stupid insult.

When Veterans In Politics held our candidate interviews for the 2014 elections, Mr. Laxalt graciously appeared and withstood our scrutiny in his bid to further serve our country in the office of Nevada State Attorney General. Mr. Miller didn’t even respond to the invitation, indicating his disdain for veterans (see link below).


Mr. Miller should thank Mr. Laxalt for the freedom to say insensitive remarks. After all, Adam Laxalt was prepared to die for Ross Miller’s right to free speech.

Mr. Miller, you are a disgrace and an embarrassment. You do not deserve the privileges secured for you by members of our military, whether they pushed paper or ammunition. They all volunteered to defend your freedoms. Resign immediately.

This brings us to another candidate who is trying to seek your vote.

The race for Clark County District Court Judge Department 32

On September 20th during the Veterans In Politics Talk Show Randy Tindall a Judicial Candidate for Clark County District Court Judge Department 32 made a comment about his opponent Rob Bare Clark County District Court Judge and a former Defense Council/Jag Officer in the Army, who served in The Incursion into Panama for “Operation Just Cause” indicating that Judge Bare’s military experience as a Jag Officer does not transition over into civilian court (see link: Veterans In Politics: 09/20/14: Ron Q. Quilang, Co-Host; Randall Tindall Candidate for Clark County District Court Judge Department 32 and Ron Knecht Candidate for Nevada State Controller – See more at: http://www.vegasallnetradio.com/veterans-in-politics.html#sthash.cCGjoEui.dpuf ).

No person should ever use a US military combat veteran as a scapegoat, but when an elected official does it, that elected official reveals a character that should not hold public office as a representative of the people….people who include veterans.

The negative remarks made by anybody against our US Veterans are unforgivable especially coming from people that never served our country!

Thank You Adam Laxalt, Judge Rob Bare and all Nevada Veterans for your service.

Veterans In Politics International
702 283 8088

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