Judge Ochoa’s son arrested for Heroin use and cover-up by an Assistant Sheriff at Metro

Clark County, Nevada
October 22, 2014

Judge Vincent Ochoa and his family cannot seem to stay out of the public eye, especially in an election year. This is a developing story and Veterans in Politics International (VIPI) will post more information as it comes available.

Our mission statement is stated as follows: To educate, organize, and awaken our veterans and their families to select, support and intelligently vote for those candidates whom would help create a better world, to protect ourselves from our own government(s) in a culture of corruption, and to be the political voice for those in other groups who do not have one.

A reliable source has reported to VIPI that Vincent Ochoa Clark County District Court Judge Family Division, Department S, has a son name Marcus (who is employed by the Crazy Horse III Strip Club). Marcus Ochoa was recently arrested for Heroin Use/Possession and having other drugs in his system on or about October 12, 2014 here in Las Vegas. Ochoa is no stranger to the criminal justice system having domestic violence convictions and stalking convictions (Las Vegas Justice Court 09F17854X). Ochoa’s child custody case is D-09-407478-C.

VIPI is in the process of getting the Police Event number from Metro (Event Number 141012-3116). The public has a right to know this information and VIPI is doing their diligence to get this report and release additional information when possible.

We now know the following: Judge Ochoa’s son Marcus was outside of his ex-girlfriends house (Janell Grady) for a child custody exchange (his/her child), on or about October 12, 2014. Ochoa was shooting heroin in front of Janell Grady’s house after a child exchange and likely was “high” while driving with the Parties’ minor child  (Judge Vincent Ochoa’s grand-daughter).

Janell Grady called the police to get Ochoa away from the house because she knew he was high. Marcus Ochoa then was seen “hunched over the steering wheel” according to our VIPI source.

Janell Grady called the police who went to check on Marcus Ochoa, who was found incoherent. Marcus Ochoa was eventually arrested for having illegal drugs in his system, including heroin. Ochoa was sent to the hospital where it is likely he would have died if it was not for Janell Grady calling the police to intervene as she knows he has a drug problem and has a stalking conviction.

Metro released him on OR (Own Recognizance) with no bail needed to be posted with a promise to return to a future Court date.
The question is why when someone is arrested for heroin use and possibly child endangerment/neglect be released on his own with no bail? Did someone call in a favor? One of the charges is for PCS (Possession of a Controlled Substance).

The truth is that a high ranking Metropolitan Police Officer to our understanding is the one that called Judge Vincent Ochoa about the situation and now it appears the entire incident has been swept under the rug or just covered up because it is an election year.
Why was it necessary to give Marcus Ochoa special treatment just because he is the son of a District Court Judge in the Family Division? Are these the types of political favors that should be allowed in Clark County? How is the general public supposed to have any respect for law enforcement when these back room deals are being made? Is Marcus Ochoa a danger to society and also himself at the present time?
For additional cover-up, Judge Ochoa’s wife Deb went through Marcus’ phone, car, and apartment to clean out anything incriminating. Moreover, Deb Ochoa got Marcus’ car out of impound (according to our sources).

This is important to know as this involves one elected official running for re-election (Judge Vincent Ochoa). The public has a right to know about our elected officials and candidates for public office.

Based on this, why wouldn’t Judge Vincent Ochoa take the “tough love” approach and see to it that no special treatment is given and that he goes through the criminal justice process like any litigant. Janell Grady has filed for a Temporary Protection Order against Marcus Ochoa and likely will file a motion for sole custody to protect an innocent minor child (Judge Ochoa’s grand-daughter) from harm’s way.

It appears there are favors between elected public official and Metropolitan Police Department that are being done to benefit others, but in the end hurt our society. Without the public awareness of these kinds of issues, this will be a growing epidemic. We as voters need to be aware of the dealings of certain people and be sure that they are not elected or re-elected to public office. As citizens, this is our duty.

VIPI already did a press release on Judge Ochoa “liking” litigants on social media that appears before him including their minor children, VIPI already did a press release on Judge Ochoa violating Nevada Custody Laws and because of that violation he loses a major Police Union Endorsement. We need our Judges to be honest and follow the law themselves before they are the ones enforcing laws and making decisions for our families; don’t you think???!!!

In other news on Judge Matthew Harter:

VIPI has done a Press Release on Matthew Harter Clark County District Court Judge Family Division Department N, using his Judicial Influence to shield his son from arrest for drugs, burglary, and weapons position, because of this violation. Judge Harter lost the endorsement of a major Police Union and the Fire Fighters Union whom he still displays on his campaign materials. Judge Harter is also under investigation with the Nevada Judiciary Discipline Commission.

In other news on Judge William “Bill” Gonzalez:

VIPI has done a Press Release on William “Bill” Gonzalez Clark County District Court Judge Family Division Department F for violating dozens of active duty servicemen Civil Relief Act and Constitutional Rights and strong arming attorneys into supporting his re-election campaign.

VIPI has endorsed each of these candidates when they were candidates applying for the Judges position and it is unfortunate that none of these Judges are doing the job that we have elected them to do.

Clark County Nevada we can do better and we should not ever tolerate a Judge nor elected official that believes they are above the law…

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