“Eye On Nevada Politics” Ending!

I am sadden to say the last live show for ‘Eye On Nevada Politics’ on KLAV 1230 AM will be this Tuesday night January 27th. Beginning next Tuesday the show will be featured on VegasAllNetRadio for the month of February making the last show February 24th.

This show was put in place for the purpose of interviewing the political candidates in the 2014 election. The show was such a success we were asked to continue into 2015.

Since the show aired in August 2013, we have had 77 guest and 77 co-host no guest or co-host were ever repeated. This was the only show of its kind to rotate the co-host every week giving the average citizen a chance to be on the radio and a chance to interview people of power.

Since the airing of the show it has made elected officials rethink their policies, it has opened up the minds of voters, and it has encourage the average citizen to do their own radio show and or get more involved in the political process.

Most of us do not trust in the political process or do not get involved due to the busy schedules of life. However politics is the avenue to create changes in our laws and create better communities for our citizens.

Politics effects everything and everyone, from your Paperboy to the President of the United States, from a pothole in the streets to a hole in the ozone layer, from your homeless to your billionaires. Every country in the world is involved in politics. Getting involved in any way you can will only help us sustain upstanding candidates that have the best interest of the people.

I would like to thank Lotus Broadcasting System and KLAV for given us a chance to have our voices heard that effect the community we live and love.

But do not fear the ‘Veterans In Politics’ internet talk show has been on the airways for 10 years and we will continue to do so in the future for all of our citizens. Stay tune every Saturday from 2-3pm. on Vegasallnetradio.com…

Steve Sanson
President of Veterans In Politics International
Host of Eye On Nevada Politics
Host of Veterans In Politics internet Talk Show
PO Box 28211
Las Vegas NV 89126
702 283 8088

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