Municipal Election Candidates Compete for the Most Valuable Veteran Endorsement in Nevada

Clark County, Nevada (February 22, 2015) – – – (VIPI) Veterans In Politics International, Inc., today announced that it has endorsed seven Clark County candidates whom are running for Municipal Elections in Boulder City, Henderson, North Las Vegas and Las Vegas.
Endorsees include Rich Shuman, Peggy Leavitt Councilwoman, Debra March Councilwoman, Richard S. Carreon, Carolyn Goodman Mayor, Megan Heryet and Cynthia Leung Judge.

No endorsements were made for Henderson Ward I, Henderson Ward IV, NLV Council Ward 4, LV City Council Ward I and LV City Council Ward 5.

The process was open to the public, Live Streamed on social media, taped unedited, no questions are known until they are asked, no candidates are rubber stamped, and the panel member’s identities are not released until the day of the interviews.

No one is paid to be a part of this process; we do it for love of community and an effort to educate the public on the candidates running for office.

Thank you to all the candidates, panel members, VIPI members, and our sponsors Scott Ghormley Owner of Rhythm Kitchen Restaurant * Brent Jones Owner of Real Water * Andre Lagomarsino Partner Parker Shear Lagomarsino Law Firm * Ron Q. Quilang Owner of 360DPI * Paul Padda Partner Cohen & Padda LLP Law Firm * Rondha Gibson Widow of Gulf War Veteran Stanley Gibson * Craig Mueller Partner Mueller Hinds & Associates Law Firm * Richard Scotti Clark County District Court Judge * George Carson Owner of

John Cahill Clark County Public Administrator moderated the endorsement interviews.

Interview panel members included Karen Steelmon VIPI Auxiliary Director * Dave Schoen VIP NV Chapter President/Army * Monti Levy Nevada Attorney * Jason Brooks USMC * Melanie Thomas Nevada Attorney/VIP Radio Host * Kevin Child Clark County School Board Trustee * Craig Mueller Nevada Attorney/Navy * John Moore NV Assemblyman/Army * Michael Broadway NV/AZ Realtor * Rob Lauer Army * Brett Pojunis NV State Libertarian Party Chairman/Army * Nathan Atkins Army * Jason Stoffel Nevada Attorney * Rowena Krifaton Founder Shine Family Foundation.

Staff Members are Jamieson Ahearn USMC and Olga Ciesielski

The Invocation was given by George Chehade VIPI Minister.

Our official Endorsements are below for each municipal seat the videos of each endorsement will be archived within a week. If you don’t agree with whom we have chosen to endorse, please educate yourself on the candidates.

VIPI is the only group in the State of Nevada that endorses candidates with this type of transparency. No other group comes close.

Veterans In Politics International Endorsed Candidates:

BOULDER CITY COUNCIL Rich Shuman and Peggy Leavitt Councilwoman
Henderson Ward II Debra March Councilwoman
NLV COUNCIL – WARD 2 Richard S. Carreon
LV MAYOR Carolyn G. Goodman Mayor

Interview panel members are screened volunteers whom are strictly prohibited from receiving any consideration or advice from prospective political candidates seeking an endorsement from VIPI or their opponents each panel member signed a “Confidentiality Agreement” and at no time they can discuss anything that has taking place during the time of voting.

Veterans In Politics International, Inc. established in 1993:

Mission: To educate, organize, and awaken our veterans and their families to select, support and intelligently vote for those candidates whom would help create a better world, to protect ourselves from our own government(s) in a culture of corruption, and to be the political voice for those in other groups who do not have one.

For more information contact Steve Sanson VIPI President 702 283 8088/ Karen Steelmon VIPI Auxiliary Director 702 238 5134 or visit

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