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AB 182
Revises provisions relating to collective bargaining by local government employers. (BDR 23-646)
AN ACT relating to local governments; authorizing a local government employer to enter into an agreement to pay dues to an employee organization through deductions from compensation; prohibiting such an employer from providing paid leave or paying compensation or benefits for time spent by an employee in providing services to an employee organization; authorizing the Local Government Employee-Management Relations Board to appoint a Deputy Commissioner; declaring the right of a local government employee to resign from an employee organization at any time; prohibiting the inclusion of certain employees in a bargaining unit; revising provisions relating to a reduction in force; providing that a collective bargaining agreement between a local government employer and a recognized employee organization expires for certain purposes at the end of the term stated in the agreement; requiring public notice of certain offers made in collective bargaining; eliminating final and binding fact-finding except upon the election of the governing body; removing a portion of the budgeted ending fund balance of certain governmental funds from the scope of collective bargaining and from consideration by a fact finder; eliminating statutory impasse arbitration for firefighters, police officers, teachers and educational support personnel; making an appropriation; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.

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