Many times we have asked candidates and elected officials to appear on our radio program and our video endorsement interview process and some declined the offer.

Most of them would ask, “What questions would be asked of them?” We let them know that we are not looking for “actors for a Hollywood movie”, we are looking for a person that can think on their feet, just like a military person on the combat field.

On the combat field there is no time for do-overs, like it is in Hollywood.

When a person declined our offer we do some investigation into “Why”.

We are finding out that all of them have something to hide and since they don’t know what questions would be asked of them, they would rather take the safe way out and not appear…

Especially when our radio shows are live, unedited and archived and our video endorsement interviews are filmed in front of a live audience, unedited and placed on social media for all to see and hear…

If you can’t handle our line of questions, then you should not run for an elected office!

Steve Sanson
President Veterans In Politics International
702 283 8088

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