“Over the past few weeks, I have received several threats in response to articles released by Veterans In Politics. This is not new, as we have received threats before, and our resolve to expose corruption and serve Veterans and the people of this great state is simply strengthened.

This is a good time, however, to repeat our response to threats:

First, as an organization, we do not scare easily. We are comprised of war veterans who have bravely fought in life and death situations on the battlefield to protect our country, families and American values. As you can imagine, we have participated in acts and events that would make any present threat pale in comparison.

Second, on a personal level, as I’ve always said, unless you are a gang of soldiers firing AK 47s at me trying to get a medal, I am not scared of you at all. I have the training and wherewithal to protect myself, my family and my property and will not hesitate to do so if any of the threats I’ve received appear to materialize.

Third, I am grateful and fortunate to have many loyal and helpful friends in both “high” and “low” places. For a variety of reasons, I am as dear to these friends as they are to me. These friends will likely take it upon themselves to protect me, my family and my organization. An attack on any of us will be met with a united resounding response.

I would also like to reiterate the ground rules on how people should proceed if they want to meet with me. I have recently received “unexpected visits” at my home by law enforcement officers and others wishing to discuss various aspects of corruption that my organization exposes. Please … DO NOT COME TO MY HOME UNEXPECTEDLY. Given the threats that I receive, there is a high chance that your visit will be mistaken as an attack and my family will do all it can to protect itself.

If you would like a meeting, please contact me in advance at 702-283-8088 to schedule it. My home is off limits.

If you have questions regarding any of the above, feel free to call me. I don’t hide in the shadows, and neither does my organization.

If you have threats or seek to intimidate us, beware. We will not only take it as a sign that we’re actually on the right track in our work, but we will also take all actions necessary to physically protect ourselves and to expose why you are trying to stop us.”

Steve Sanson
President Veterans In Politics International
PO Box 28211
Las Vegas, NV. 89126
702 283 8088

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